In the 4th largest country in the world, there are many opportunities to realize the american dream. But why do Brazilians choose the Sunshine Estate as an investment destination or even as a place to live? The reasons that attract Brazilians to Florida are varied, from health and safety to the high profitability of certain investments. 

Living in Florida 


Florida has everything you could wish for when it comes to taking up residence. With regard to education, a a recent study by US News and World Report revealed that the state ranks 3rd in the United States for the best education system. Taking into account everything from basic education to higher education. 


Economically, the region also stands out. If it were an independent country, the state of Florida would be the 17th largest economy in the world. This is because in 2018 it had already reached a GDP of US $ 1 trillion. 

It is worth noting that the areas that most drive this Gross Domestic Product are: tourism, agriculture, financial services, life sciences and international trade, aerospace and aviation.  


In this way, a solid and fast-growing economy constantly creates jobs. The region has a current rate of 3.8%, which is lower than the country's rate of 4%. 

With so many favorable factors, Florida has stood out as a destination for Brazilians to take up residence. Education, jobs and a solid economy form an ideal environment for starting a family and raising children in a state that has all the necessary infrastructure to provide comfort, fun and economic growth. 

Own property to live in Florida 

Brazilians in Florida soon feel the difference in the cost of living. Compared to Brazil, the region is very affordable. In addition to lower prices and lower taxes, the acquisition of material goods is made easier. 

For example, even foreigners can buy a house with up to 70% of the financed amount. The country also has mortgagewhich also facilitates this investment. 

Not only that, but even cars, electronics and luxury goods are very easily accessible. In this way, it is possible to maintain a standard with comfort and style in all these aspects. 

Brazilians in Florida: why invest in the region?

In view of the previous topics, it has already been possible to see the reasons why Brazilians look to Florida as a destination for settling down. But the region is not only strategic for this purpose. Many Brazilians choose to invest in the Sunshine Estate first, even if they still live in their home country. 

It is worth noting that, by the year 2030, Florida will add another 6 million people to its population. It currently stands at 20 million inhabitants. In this sense, the increase should contribute greatly to the creation of new businesses and opportunities. 

This is because investors looking to broaden and diversify their investment portfolios see the importance of dollarizing their investments. Doing business in a strong economy with a strong currency makes all the difference. But of all the United States, the region stands out the most as a destination for Brazilian capital. 

This is because the region is strong for tourism with Disney, Universal and other parks, beautiful beaches and everything you'd expect from the American way of life.  

Tourism: a great opportunity for investment 

Taking advantage of all this tourist potential, The investment that is emerging as the most profitable for Brazilians is the Vacation Homes. The properties are located in condominiums fully equipped to provide guests with lots of fun, comfort and luxury. These, in turn, are located in strategic areas with easy access to the best tourist attractions.

In addition, the houses are already equipped in the style of everything includedIt has all the best and most modern appliances, finishes and other details, such as the landscaping.

Other investments by Brazilians in Florida 

Whether you're looking to live or invest, real estate in Florida is affordable and, in the case of Vacation Homes, extremely profitable, as they can have over 80% of occupancy throughout the year. 

But in addition to houses, other types of investment can be interesting for those who wish to settle in the region and obtain a Green Card. Find out which types of investment are viable for realizing this dream in the article: "Investor visa: find out what it is and how to get one for the USA".

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