Celebration is a town that was born in the heart of Walt Disney. That's why it has become one of the favorite areas for those who want to live a quiet life in a city full of charms. The region has a cinematic setting that many people idealize as the perfect lifestyle.


Walt Disney's initial idea was to create a futuristic, residential city attached to Epcot park in the area where Lake Buena Vista is today. It would be a place to experiment with creative ideas that would solve the main problems facing American cities. Mickey's father died before Epcot was built, but the model city was developed years later based on the main characteristics he had in mind to promote quality of life.


In 1995, the Walt Disney Company decided to go ahead with the project to create a town reminiscent of the Disney world, after a failed attempt with Lake Buena Vista. Celebration was chosen. The company decided to follow the line of the New Urbanism architectural movement, with houses and streets that were very well cared for and standardized. The architectural features of the center are reminiscent of Disney, but this is the only reference to it. Celebration's Main Street looks very similar to the Magic Kingdom.


The city's strong point is its sense of well-being, tranquillity and community life. It's no wonder that celebrities such as Silvio Santos, Luciano Huck and Angélica have homes in the area. Walking through the streets of Celebration feels like living the true American dream.


The city is now part of Kissimmee, in Osceola County, 20 minutes from Orlando International Airport and 5 minutes from the main gate of Walt Disney World. The Walt Disney Company has gradually relinquished its former control over the town, although the administrative buildings are still there.


Fun fact: it was the first city in the United States to receive broadband internet.


Why invest in Celebration?


First of all: because it will never go out of fashion. It's the city of many people's dreams. The potential for appreciation, even though it is no longer great, is still extremely satisfactory.


The plots are large and the space between the houses is very good. It's a very safe city. Crime rates are extremely low. The architectural planning envisioned a residential area where children could walk or cycle to school with peace of mind. The concept of the city aims to provide a better quality of life for its residents, as well as promoting a strong community atmosphere and good neighborliness.


In Celebration there are two public schools and eight private schools that are highly regarded. There is a campus of Stetson University, one of the first in the state of Florida. It is also home to one of the best English schools in Florida, ELS.


The city also has a reference hospital, Florida Hospital Celebration Health, with an excellent structure and state-of-the-art technology. It also has a gym aimed at encouraging healthy habits among residents. It also has a number of health centers to serve the population.


What to do in Celebration?


The town is practically inside the Disney complex, only 5 minutes away from the main entrance gate, but in addition to the tour of Mickey's house, there are other leisure options in town.


Downtown: the city center is charming and has a wide variety of restaurants, stores, cafés and ice cream parlors. From there you can walk down to the waterfront and sit on the chairs and benches available in front of the lake to relax.


Traditional events: Downtown is also home to traditional annual events that make those who live in Celebration happy. This is the case with Oktoberfest, which marks the beginning of fall, and the famous Christmas on Market Street, Now Snowing, with its light show and snow showers.


Celebration Farmers Market: a market held every Sunday with fresh produce sold by local producers.


Art and Wine Stroll: a monthly event held at the Market Street Celebration with free admission and an open-air show.


Outdoor activities: Within the city there are a number of community parks with swimming pools, playgrounds, soccer fields, tennis courts and volleyball courts. In addition, along the entire length of the lake, there are trails that are often used for walking or cycling.


Celebration Golf Club: its architecture is reminiscent of the old clubs and its location offers incredible views of the lake. Visitors are allowed all year round.


Best Real Estate Investments


The town of Celebration is truly enchanting. It also has the distinction of being divided into villages, or communities. Each one has different characteristics and caters for different family profiles. There are various housing configurations available, from apartments to mansions.


Real estate investment in this region is still extremely hot. There are always homes available for sale and demand is high. Which means it's very easy to resell.


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