If you think that going to the United States is synonymous with isolation from other Brazilians, you're mistaken. But it can be a a very positive point during their adaptation to the new life and customs. Here are the 10 cities with the highest concentration of immigrants from Brazil in the USA, according to the survey CityData. And learn more about the Florida town with the most Brazilians in the entire USA, Loch Lomond.

Top 10 cities with Brazilians in the USA

  1. Loch Lomond, Florida (3,000 inhabitants, 14.9% Brazilians).
  2. Avalon, Florida (679 inhabitants, 12.1% Brazilians).
  3. Everett, Massachusetts (42,000 inhabitants, 11% Brazilians).
  4. Framingham, Massachusetts (68,000 inhabitants, 9% Brazilians).
  5. Long Branch, New Jersey (30,000 inhabitants, 8.4% Brazilians).
  6. Mexico Beach, Florida (1,000 inhabitants, 8% Brazilians).
  7. Marlborough, Massachusetts (39,000 inhabitants, 8% Brazilians).
  8. Bonnie Lock-Woodsetter North (4,000 inhabitants, 7.3% of Brazilians).
  9. Deerfield Beach, Florida (60,000 inhabitants, 7% Brazilians).
  10. Malden, Massachusetts (83,000 inhabitants, 6.4% Brazilians).

The Florida city with the most Brazilians

About 15% of Loch Lomond's population is made up of Brazilian immigrants. The Florida city with the most Brazilians is small, with around 3,000 inhabitants. Today, it is even considered a region of Pompano Beach, another city in the state of Florida, located between Palm Beach and Miami. 

According to the last census carried out in 2000. The most widely spoken languages in Loch Lomond were: 

  • English: 32,49% of residents 
  • Spanish: 28,79% of residents
  • Creole French: 20,22% of residents
  • Portuguese: 17,11% of residents
  • French: 1,38% of residents

Pompano Beach

Extending to Pompano Beach, since Loch Lomond has been incorporated as a neighborhood of the city, the number of Latino inhabitants in general reaches 43% of the population. It's worth remembering that the city has almost 100,000 inhabitants. Proportionately, there are many immigrants in the region. 

The coastal region is known for being a strategic point for sailors. It is also a meeting point for deep-sea fishermen and divers. 

Why live in a city with many Brazilians? 

Moving to another country can have a big impact, even when it's a desire of the whole family and everyone is preparing for the move. To make the routine easier, it can be interesting to have people nearby to help you understand the city's routine, point out the best stores and products and help the family group integrate quickly into the region. 

Therefore, when choosing a Florida city to live in, this is an interesting aspect to take into consideration. In addition, having Brazilians around is a great indication that there may be stores specializing in this public and that the local population is very receptive to immigrants. This makes adaptation much easier. 

The State of Florida welcoming Brazilians 

In this sense of receptivity, the state of Florida stands out, since a third of Brazilian immigrants in the United States live there. Those who used to visit the country as tourists are now taking up residence, with high levels of education, investment plans and plans to open their own businesses. The state's counterpart has been receptivity with events aimed at the public, such as Brazil In Concert, adaptation of local schools to receive the children of Brazilian immigrants, with pedagogues specialized in this transition, among many other aspects. In conclusion, Brazilians have moved to Florida and have been very well received. 

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