Welcome to the historic journey of Amway Centerwhich has just changed its name to  Kia Center, an Orlando icon that transcends sports and entertainment.

In this article, we not only explore the evolution of this iconic arena, but also celebrate a special chapter in our own history at The Florida Lounge. In the 2019/2020 season, we marked our unprecedented presence in the arena, being the first real estate company to own a captive box and, proudly, the first with Brazilian 100% owners to achieve such a feat.

Our box was not just a leisure space; it was a meeting place where we welcomed partners, friends and clients, sharing not only memorable moments watching Orlando Magic games, but also enriching conversations about real estate investments and the countless possibilities that the magical city of Orlando offers. This unique experience at the Amway Center reflects our commitment to excellence and passion for our host city, elements that are the essence of The Florida Lounge.



Orlando, in my opinion the happiest city in Florida, is known worldwide for its theme parks and tourist attractions.

However, as well as being a leisure destination, Orlando also stands out on the sports scene, especially in basketball. Orlando's basketball arena, recently renamed the Kia Centeris a symbol of this sporting passion and a pillar of the local community. 

The Importance of the Arena for the City of Orlando

Orlando's basketball arena is not just a venue for sporting events; it represents a meeting point for the community, an engine of economic growth and a cultural icon for the city.

Since its inauguration, the arena has hosted numerous significant events, including NBA games, concerts by renowned artists, and various community events.

Economically, the arena contributes significantly to the local economy. It generates jobs, both direct and indirect, and attracts tourists and basketball fans from all over the world, boosting sectors such as hotels, restaurants and commerce.

Culturally, the arena has become a symbol of pride for Orlando residents, reflecting the energy and diversity of the city. 

The relationship with the Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic, the NBA professional basketball team based in Orlando, has an intrinsic relationship with the arena. Ever since it was founded, Magic has called the arena his homeThe team has a rich history, with ups and downs, and the arena has been the scene of many memorable moments. The team has a rich history, with highs and lows, and the arena has been the stage for many of these memorable moments.

The Orlando Magic's presence in the arena goes beyond basketball games. The team plays an active role in the community, with involvement programs and social responsibility initiatives that benefit Orlando residents. Through charity events, youth basketball clinics and other community activities, the Magic and the arena have strengthened their bond with the city and its residents.

In short, Orlando's basketball arena is more than a sports venue; it's a center for cultural, economic and social activities. With the recent name change to Kia CenterIn addition to its importance, it is expected that this will only grow, bringing new opportunities and continuing to be a place where the Orlando community comes together to celebrate sport, culture and collective spirit.

O Amway Centerlocated in the heart of Orlando, Florida, is more than a sports arena; it is an architectural and cultural landmark that reflects the city's evolution and dynamism. Since its inauguration, the arena has been a focal point for sporting, cultural and social events, playing a vital role in the Orlando community.

Inauguration and Early Years

  • Opening Date: O Amway Center was officially inaugurated in October 1st, 2010This marks a new chapter in Orlando's sporting and cultural history.
  • Initial EventsThe first major event at the arena was a concert by the famous singer Vicente Fernández, followed by the Orlando Magic's first game of the NBA regular season on October 28, 2010, against the Washington Wizards.
  • Reception and Initial Impact: The opening of the Amway Center was received with great enthusiasm by the local community. The arena quickly established itself as an icon in the city, attracting visitors and reinforcing Orlando's status as a major destination for large-scale events. 

Design and Capacity

  • Innovative Architecture: The design of the Amway Center is notable for its modern and sustainable architecture. The arena was one of the first in the NBA to obtain LEED Gold certificationreflecting its commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability.
  • Capacity and Facilities: With a capacity of around 20,000 spectators For basketball games, the Amway Center was designed to offer an exceptional viewing experience. It features comfortable seating, wide visibility, high-definition screens and a variety of food and drink options.
  • Advanced technologyThe arena is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including one of the largest LED screens in an indoor arena in the United States, providing an immersive experience for spectators.

Significant Events Beyond Basketball

  • Concerts and showsThe Amway Center has hosted a variety of concerts by international artists such as Taylor Swift, Elton John, and Rihanna, as well as events such as the Cirque du Soleil and Disney on Ice.
  • Diversified Sporting EventsIn addition to Orlando Magic games, the arena has hosted NBA All-Star matches, high-profile boxing fights and ice hockey games.
  • Social and Community EventsThe arena also plays an important role in the community, hosting events such as graduations, conferences and political meetings, reinforcing its role as a multifunctional community center.

The Arena's Versatility and Amenities: Beyond Basketball

O, now, Kia CenterThe Orlando Arena, known primarily as the home of the Orlando Magic, is a true all-rounder in the world of sports and entertainment. This section explores its multifunctionality and unique amenities that may not be widely known to the public.

Hosting Various Sporting Events

  1. Orlando Solar Bears: In addition to basketball, the Kia Center is the stage for the Orlando Solar Bearsthe local ice hockey team. Solar Bears games attract a passionate fan base, contributing to the arena's sporting diversity.
  2. Various sporting eventsThe arena also hosts a variety of other sporting events, including boxing matches, mixed martial arts, and even gymnastics and cheerleading competitions. This versatility reinforces the Kia Center as a key sports center in Orlando.

Exclusive amenities and facilities

  1. VIP Spaces and Luxury Suites: The Kia Center offers exclusive experiences with its luxury suites and VIP spaces. These venues offer privileged views of the events, high-quality catering services and a comfortable environment in which to watch the shows.
  2. Food and Drink AreasThe arena has a variety of food and drink options, from quick snacks to more refined dining experiences, catering to all tastes and preferences.
  3. Venues for Corporate and Private Events: The Kia Center is not just for sporting events and concerts. It also offers spaces for corporate events, conferences and private occasions, equipped with state-of-the-art technology for meetings and presentations.
  4. Community and Educational ProgramsThe arena actively engages with the community through educational programs and community events, reinforcing its role as a valuable asset for Orlando.
  5. Accessibility and SustainabilityWith a design that prioritizes accessibility and sustainability, the Kia Center is equipped to welcome all visitors comfortably, while maintaining a commitment to environmentally responsible practices.

The Kia Center is not only home to the Orlando Magicbut a symbol of Orlando's vitality and diversity. Its innovative architecture, ability to host a wide range of events and commitment to sustainability make it one of the leading entertainment and sports venues in the United States.

The Amway Center, located in Orlando, Florida, is not only an impressive physical structure, but also a place where unforgettable memories have been created, especially for basketball fans and cultural events. Since its inauguration, the arena has witnessed historic moments, hosted prominent personalities and been the scene of memorable sporting records.

Orlando Magic Historic Games

  1. First game of the regular season: The Orlando Magic's inaugural game at the Amway Center took place in October 28, 2010against the Washington Wizards, marking a new beginning for the team in its new home.
  2. NBA playoffs: The Amway Center has been the scene of several exciting playoff games. One of the most notable was during the 2011-2012 seasonWhen the Magic faced teams like the Indiana Pacers, they demonstrated the team's resilience and talent.
  3. Memorable games against rivals: Matchups against teams like the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics have always generated electrifying atmospheres, with outstanding performances from players from both the Magic and the opposing teams.

Important personalities who have passed through the Arena

  1. NBA starsBig names in basketball, such as LeBron James, Kobe Bryant e Stephen Curry, showcased their talent at the Amway Center, providing memorable spectacles for basketball fans. The biggest star to have played for the Orlando Magic was the unforgettable Shaquille O'Neal
  2. Artists and MusiciansThe arena has hosted a variety of renowned artists on its stages, including Elton John, Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars, each bringing their own unique style and fans of different musical genres.
  3. Special EventsPersonalities such as former US President Barack Obama have attended events at the Amway Center, highlighting its importance as a versatile venue for high-profile events.

Records and Outstanding Moments in Sport

  1. Orlando Magic records: The Amway Center has witnessed a number of individual and team records for the Orlando Magic, including maximum player scores and record assists.
  2. Large-scale sporting eventsIn addition to basketball games, the arena has hosted large-scale events such as the NBA All-Star Game 2012, an event that brought together the league's best players in a display of skills and entertainment.
  3. Memorable Moments in Other SportsThe Amway Center has also hosted significant events in other sports, such as high-profile boxing matches and field hockey games, expanding its legacy beyond basketball.

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    The Amway Center, now the Kia Center, more than a sports and entertainment arena, plays a crucial role in the life of the Orlando community. Its influence goes beyond basketball games and cultural events, significantly impacting the local economy and contributing to various community initiatives.

    Economic and Social Impact on the City

    1. Job creationThe operation of the Amway Center creates a variety of jobs, from direct functions such as event management and security operations, to indirect jobs in sectors such as hospitality, food and transportation.
    2. Stimulating TourismAs one of Orlando's main entertainment venues, the arena attracts visitors from all over the world, boosting tourism. This benefits hotels, restaurants and other tourist attractions in the city.
    3. Urban DevelopmentThe presence of the Amway Center has stimulated urban development in the surrounding area. The revitalization of nearby neighborhoods and the increase in local commerce are some of the positive effects observed.
    4. Revenue for the CityEvents at the Amway Center generate significant revenue through taxes and sales, contributing to the city's budget and funding essential public services.

    Community Programs and Involvement Initiatives

    1. Education and Youth Programs: The Amway Center, in partnership with the Orlando Magic, promotes educational and sports programs for young people, encouraging the development of skills and education through sport.
    2. Community Events and CharityThe arena hosts various community events, including health fairs, blood drives and fundraising events for local causes.
    3. Partnerships with Local OrganizationsThe Amway Center works with local organizations to address important social issues, such as the fight against hunger and support for vulnerable families.
    4. Inclusion and DiversityThe arena strives to be an inclusive space, promoting events that celebrate Orlando's cultural diversity and encouraging the participation of different groups in the community.
    5. Environmental sustainabilityIn addition to its sustainable architecture, the Amway Center promotes environmental awareness initiatives and sustainable practices during its events, contributing to a greener Orlando.


    Amway Center opening

    • Opening on October 1st.
    • Orlando Magic's first regular season game on October 28.
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    Important Events and Recognition

    • It hosted the NBA All-Star Game.
    • Recognized for its sustainable architecture and innovative design.
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    Growth in visitors and events

    • Significant increase in the number of annual visitors.
    • It has hosted a variety of events, including concerts by international artists and sporting events.
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    Records and Achievements

    • It achieved record attendance at non-sporting events.
    • It held important community and social events.
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    Expansion and Improvements

    • Investment in technological improvements and infrastructure.
    • It continued to attract large-scale events, reinforcing its position as one of Orlando's main entertainment venues.
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    Challenges and Resilience

    • It has faced challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, adapting with virtual events and security measures.
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    Return and Recovery

    • Gradual resumption of face-to-face events with health and safety protocols.
    • Growth in revenue and in the number of events held.
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    Name change to Kia Center

    • Announcement of the name change to Kia Center.
    • The beginning of a new era focused on innovation and community partnerships.
    • Plans for modernization and technological innovation under the new brand.
    • Continuous commitment to the community and sustainability.
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    The name "Amway Center" reflects a combination of corporate marketing e community prideAmway's corporate identity is intertwined with Orlando's cultural and sporting life.

    The Story Behind the Name: Amway Connection

    1. Corporate Partnership: The name "Amway Center" originates from a naming rights agreement between the city of Orlando and Amway, a company known for its health, beauty and home care products, and for its multi-level marketing business model. This agreement was part of a wider effort to finance the construction of the arena.
    2. Inauguration and AgreementThe arena opened in 2010, and the naming rights agreement was a significant part of that process. Amway paid a substantial sum to have its name associated with the center, an investment that reflected both the company's desire to expand its visibility and its commitment to the Orlando community.
    3. Relationship with the Orlando MagicAmway's connection with Orlando is even deeper, considering that the DeVos family, co-founders of Amwayis the owner of the Orlando Magicthe NBA basketball team that has the Amway Center as its home. This connection reinforces the integration between the company, the team and the arena.

    The Meaning of the Name for the Community and Fans

    1. Local IdentityFor Orlando residents and Orlando Magic fans, the Amway Center is more than an arena named after a corporation. It represents a meeting place for the community, a venue for memorable events and a symbol of the city's urban growth and development.
    2. Pride and RecognitionThe name Amway Center has become synonymous with major sporting and cultural events in Orlando. It evokes a sense of pride among locals and is recognized nationally and internationally, not only as an event venue, but as an icon of the city.
    3. Economic and Cultural ImpactThe name also symbolizes the economic and cultural impact that the arena has brought to Orlando. From generating jobs to stimulating tourism and entertainment, the Amway Center has been an engine of growth for the region.
    4. Transition and Legacy: With the name change to "Kia Center", the legacy of the Amway Center name remains important. It represents a significant era in Orlando's history and remains a valuable part of the city's collective memory.

    In conclusion, the name "Amway Center" is more than a brand; it is a reflection of Orlando's history, pride and identity. It symbolizes the union between a major corporation and the local community, highlighting the vital role the arena plays in the cultural and economic life of the city. Even with the change to a new name, the impact and legacy of the Amway Center as a focal point for events in Orlando will continue to be remembered and valued.

    The renaming of Orlando's iconic arena, from Amway Center to Kia CenterThis marks a new chapter in the history of the city and its sporting and cultural community. This transition is not only a rebranding, but also a reflection of the commercial dynamics and future expectations for the arena.

    Official Reasons for Name Change

    1. New Naming Rights Agreement: The change of name to Kia Center is the result of a new naming rights agreement. Kia Motors, a well-known car manufacturer, has taken over the arena's naming rights, replacing Amway, which had held these rights since the arena opened in 2010.
    2. Marketing Strategy and Brand ExpansionFor Kia Motors, this agreement represents a strategic opportunity to expand its visibility and strengthen its brand in an important market. The association with a high-profile arena and an NBA team like the Orlando Magic offers Kia a significant platform for marketing and engagement with the public.
    3. Investment in the Community and SportThe partnership also reflects Kia's commitment to investing in communities and supporting sport. The company has a history of involvement in sports sponsorship, and this new agreement is a continuation of that tradition.

    Specific details of the agreement with Kia Motors

    The transition from the Amway Center to the Kia Center is not just a name change, but also the result of a strategically and financially significant agreement between the arena's management and Kia Motors. Although the exact terms of the agreement have not been made public in their entirety, some key information highlights the nature and scale of this partnership.

    1. Duration and Financial TermsPreliminary information suggests that the naming rights agreement between Kia Motors and the arena is a long-term one, reflecting a substantial commitment from both parties. While the specific financial details remain confidential, it is common for agreements of this nature to involve significant investments, potentially reaching millions of dollars over the period of the contract.
    2. Strategic ObjectivesFor Kia Motors, this agreement goes beyond traditional marketing. It represents a strategic opportunity to associate the Kia brand with an Orlando cultural and sporting icon. This not only increases the brand's visibility, but also associates it with the vitality and community spirit that the arena symbolizes.
    3. Reciprocal benefitsFrom the arena's point of view, the agreement with Kia Motors not only ensures a stable source of revenue, but also opens the door for future renovations and improvements to the facilities. For Kia, in addition to increased brand visibility, the partnership offers a unique platform for engaging with customers and fans through exclusive events and experiences.
    4. Community and Social ImpactPart of the agreement may also involve community and social initiatives, reflecting the commitment of both parties to the well-being and development of the Orlando community. This may include educational programs, community events and other activities that benefit local residents.

    This agreement between Kia Motors and the Kia Center is an example of how strategic partnerships can be beneficial to both parties, while contributing to the growth and vitality of the local community. 

    Impact of the Name Change on the Arena's Branding and Identity

    1. Arena rebrandingThe change to Kia Center represents a significant rebranding. This involves not only changing the signage and marketing material, but also communicating this new identity to the public and integrating the Kia brand into the experiences offered in the arena.
    2. Preserving Historical IdentityAlthough the name is changing, it is crucial for the arena management and Kia Motors to preserve the rich history and legacy of the venue. This means balancing the introduction of the new brand with maintaining the identity and traditions that Orlando's fans and community value.
    3. Expectations for Partnerships and Future InitiativesWith Kia as a partner, it is hoped that the arena will not only continue to be a prominent venue for sporting and cultural events, but will also become a space for new initiatives, possibly including community and environmental programs in line with Kia's values.

    The transition from Amway Center to Kia Center is more than a name change; it's a step towards new possibilities and opportunities for the arena and the city of Orlando. As the arena embarks on this new era, it carries with it the expectation of growth, innovation and continuing the legacy it has already established in the community.

    The renaming of the Orlando arena Kia Center is not just a superficial change, but a significant event that aligns with global trends and sets new expectations for the future of the arena. Let's explore some interesting details about this name change process.

    Details of the agreement with Kia Motors

    1. Strategic Agreement: The agreement between arena management and Kia Motors represents a carefully planned strategic partnership. Although the specific financial terms of the agreement are not publicly disclosed, it is common for naming rights agreements to involve significant financial transactions.
    2. Duration of the agreementGenerally, naming rights agreements are made for a fixed period. The exact duration of the agreement between the arena and Kia Motors has not been disclosed, but it is likely to be a long-term commitment, reflecting Kia's confidence in the value of the partnership.
    3. Mutual BenefitsFor Kia Motors, the agreement offers an opportunity to increase its visibility and strengthen its brand in a key market. For the arena, it represents a new source of revenue and the possibility of improvements and innovations in the facilities and services offered.

    The Change Aligns with Current Trends in Arena Names

    1. Global trendsThe practice of selling naming rights for arenas and stadiums is a global trend, with many companies seeing it as a valuable marketing opportunity. These agreements are especially common in the United States, where companies from various sectors associate their brands with major sports and cultural facilities.
    2. Branding and Recognition: The move to the Kia Center is in line with the trend for arenas and stadiums to become branding platforms for large corporations. This reflects an era where sports and cultural marketing is increasingly valued by companies to build brand recognition and loyalty.

    Future expectations for the Kia Center

    1. Modernization and InnovationWith the new agreement, the arena is expected to undergo modernizations, adopting more advanced technologies and improving the overall experience for visitors and fans.
    2. Diversified EventsThe expectation is that the Kia Center will continue to attract a wide range of events, from high-profile sports matches to major concerts and conventions, reinforcing its status as one of the region's leading entertainment venues.
    3. Community ImpactThe partnership with Kia is also expected to bring benefits to the local community, whether through corporate social responsibility initiatives, educational programs or community events.
    4. SustainabilityIn line with global trends and Kia's values regarding sustainability, we can expect a renewed emphasis on environmentally sustainable practices in the management of the arena.

    Kia's Specific Future Plans for the Kia Center

    With the transition from the Amway Center to the Kia Center, Kia Motors has outlined a series of plans and initiatives aimed not only at strengthening the brand's presence, but also at enriching the visitor experience and contributing to the Orlando community.

    1. Technological innovationsOne of Kia's focuses will be to implement technological innovations at the Kia Center. This could include the introduction of new digital and interactive systems to improve the fan experience during events, as well as upgrades to the connectivity and entertainment infrastructures.
    2. Sustainability and Environmental ResponsibilityIn line with Kia's global commitment to sustainability, the company plans to integrate environmentally responsible practices into the management of the arena. This may involve energy efficiency initiatives, the use of sustainable materials and recycling programs.
    3. Local events and partnershipsKia has expressed interest in developing local events and partnerships that reflect the culture and community of Orlando. This could include hosting cultural events, exhibitions, and community activities that involve local residents and visitors.
    4. Community Engagement ProgramsKia plans to establish or support community programs that benefit Orlando residents, especially in areas such as education, sports and health. These programs aim to strengthen the bond between the arena and the community.
    5. Marketing and PromotionsKia also intends to use the Kia Center as a platform for innovative marketing campaigns and exclusive promotions, potentially including immersive brand experiences and opportunities for direct engagement with customers.

    Kia's plans for the Kia Center reflect a holistic approach that not only seeks to promote the brand, but also to enrich Orlando's cultural and community life. The partnership promises to open up new avenues for innovation and community involvement in the city.

    Projections for the Future of the Arena under the New Name

    1. Modernization and Technological AdvancesWith the support of Kia Motors, the Kia Center is expected to undergo modernization, incorporating advanced technologies and improving facilities to enhance the visitor experience. This may include state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, improvements to concession areas and enhancements to energy efficiency and sustainability.
    2. Expansion of Events and AttractionsThe Kia Center will likely continue to attract a variety of events, including sports games, concerts, conventions and other major cultural events. The partnership with Kia could open doors to new types of events and partnerships, further diversifying the arena's offerings.
    3. Positive Economic ImpactThe presence of the Kia Center should continue to generate a significant economic impact in Orlando, by creating jobs, increasing tourism and stimulating the growth of local businesses.
    4. Commitment to the CommunityKia Center is expected to maintain and possibly expand its involvement in community initiatives and social responsibility programs, strengthening its role as a valuable asset to the Orlando community.

    The Role of the Kia Center in Orlando's Culture and Sports

    1. Entertainment and Sports Center: The Kia Center will continue to be one of Orlando's main venues for sporting events and entertainment. Its presence reinforces the city's position as an important destination for major events, attracting fans and visitors from all over the world.
    2. Cultural and Social InfluenceThe arena serves as a meeting place for various cultural and social activities, reflecting and celebrating the diversity of the Orlando community. It plays a crucial role in hosting events that bring people together, from sports games to concerts and community events.
    3. Promoting Sport and Healthy Activities: The Kia Center, as home to the Orlando Magic and other sporting events, promotes sport and active lifestyles. This includes not only professional events, but also programs and initiatives that encourage sports participation in the community.
    4. Symbol of Growth and InnovationThe arena, under the name Kia Center, symbolizes Orlando's continued growth and innovation. It reflects the city's evolution as a dynamic urban center and a major player on the national and international stage.

    The Kia Center is positioned to continue its legacy as an epicenter of entertainment, sports and culture in Orlando. With new opportunities for growth and development, the arena will remain a vital symbol of the city's energy and spirit, contributing significantly to its economy, community and cultural identity.

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