Moving to Orlando is a dream of many Brazilians who want to enjoy Florida's quality of life. However, it is essential to understand the legal procedures for making the move. In this article, we'll cover how to live in Orlando legallyincluding buying a house, types of visas available, and choosing the best regions to live and work in.

Visas to live in Orlando

There are several visas that allow you to live in Orlando legallyamong them the EB-5 visawhich requires a significant investment in a business that creates jobs in the US; the E-2 visaThe H-1B visa is designed for investors who want to start or buy a business; and the H-1B visa is for professionals with specialized skills, such as programmers, doctors and military personnel, who are sponsored by American companies.

Each visa has specific requirements and is getting advice is essential to choose the best option.

Regions with the best job offers

Orlando is a city with a diversified economy and several regions stand out for their job opportunities. Downtown Orlando is a hub for business and technologyideal for professionals seeking career growth. The region of Lake Nona is known for its Medical City, a health and biotechnology hub, offering several vacancies in the sector. What's more, areas such as Winter Park and Dr. Phillips are popular with education and service professionalsdue to its proximity to renowned educational institutions.

Buying a house in Orlando

Buying a property in Orlando is an excellent way to invest in the future and guarantee a comfortable life in the United States. Orlando offers a variety of real estate options, from houses in gated communities to luxury apartments close to the city's main attractions.

Buying a house does not guarantee permanent residency, but it is an important step towards establishing a life in Orlando.

The buying process involves choosing a property, financing it and signing the purchase contract. Working with an experienced real estate agent can make this process much easier and we can help you throughout the process.

Choosing your children's school

The choice of school for your children is a crucial factor when deciding where to live in Orlando. Families often prioritize regions with good public or private schools, such as Windermere, Winter Garden e Celebration.

These areas offer not only excellent educational institutions, but also a safe and supportive environment for children's development. Checking school rankings and reviews from other parents can help you make an informed decision.

Living in Orlando legally involves planning and knowing what immigration options are available. Buying a house is a great start, but it's crucial to choose the right visa to ensure a legal and comfortable stay in the United States.

Considering employment opportunities in the region and educational options for your children are important factors in ensuring a smooth and successful transition.

With the right information and our help, your dream of living in Orlando can become a reality. Get in touch and let's live the experience.