The vacation rental market has been booming lately. Many travelers have chosen not to stay in hotels, but in houses or apartments, due to the larger spaces, leisure options, comfort, privacy and informality.

Vacationers want to feel literally at home, enjoying a kitchen, living room, balcony, swimming pool, barbecue and many other amenities.

Sometimes entire families or groups of friends share houses on their international trips.

Your investment is paid for with rental income

For this reason, buying a vacation rental is very attractive. In addition to the investor being able to enjoy the house during trips with the family, there is income generated during periods when the property is not in use. In general, the amount received is enough to pay off the mortgage and the maintenance costs of the property, which is even smarter.

Our tip is: when buying your vacation rental, choose locations close to tourist attractions, beaches, parks and other places that are interesting for tourists.

It's also important to decide whether you're going to manage the rentals yourself or hire a specialized company, which will charge a percentage of the revenue but will greatly reduce your workload.

Investing in the USA is always a good deal. Contact your realtor and make the best choice!

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