Real estate investment in Florida has grown considerably in recent years, making it one of the favorite destinations for Brazilians. It's hard not to be enchanted by the scenery that portrays the American dream so well. Within the state, a small town on the outskirts of Orlando has gained prominence for its very peculiar characteristics. Winter Garden is an excellent option for investors as it offers great value for money for those looking to buy a house in Orlando.

There are many attractions that make Winter Garden is the perfect destination for those wishing to buy a house in Orlando or invest in real estate in the United States. The region has good economic indexes, security, hospitals, A-level schools and is undergoing increasing development. It is a highly sought-after community for Brazilians who want to live in a residential area with the lifestyle with a good reception for immigrants.

History of Winter Garden

The people of Winter Garden value the town's history very highly. It was officially opened in 1908. The first settlers arrived in 1850, attracted by Lake Apopka and its fertile land, and settled along the south shore. The region was mainly known for its orange and vegetable production.

The small town grew up between the railroad lines that ran through the city, and was very important for business. At the time, its residents worked mainly on the plantations

Over the years, Winter Garden attracted the attention of tourists and expanded greatly until the early 1960s. However, the pollution of the lake and the construction of highways meant that the commercial activities that took place in the city center were dispersed. The buildings on that site were abandoned and many of them were lost during a major fire. Other factors such as the construction of Disney and a severe winter in the 1970s - which affected agriculture - contributed to the city's economic slowdown. 

To get around the problem, residents, together with political representatives, decided to invest in the town by restoring the buildings. The main objective was to preserve and honor the town's history. It's no wonder that it retains its country town charm.

Since 2006, a series of important acquisitions have been made by the city government, mainly in downtown, which is now a symbol of the city. It is listed on the United States National Register of Historic Places. In addition, the West Orange Trail still attracts a range of visitors and is also one of the city's main and most important attractions.

Why invest in Winter Garden?

Firstly, because the city has a promising future. With a past based mainly on agricultural activity, this time the bet is on technology, commerce and health. Winter Garden is home to around 1,600 small businesses, many of them focused on audiovisual, digital and creative arts. In addition, there are shopping centers and strip malls with large retail chains, banks, many entertainment options, restaurants, a wide network of hospitals, central care, assist livings and other disciplines linked to the health sector. As a result, the local economy is becoming ever stronger.

The location is also a plus. The highways give easy access to the main theme parks and it's 30 minutes from Orlando International Airport. There are more than 80 finished condominiums and a dozen new ones under development in the area, as well as countless offers of homes in a wide range of prices, styles and sizes. Winter Garden has some of the best value for money in Florida.

For those who want to live as a family, the city was also voted the best in Florida for raising children, according to a survey carried out by Smart Asset in 2017. There are 13 public schools - as well as many private ones - and all of them have an A grade. In addition, the city is one of the safest.

All these factors make real estate investment in the region very attractive. In addition to the cost-benefit ratio of an Orlando home in this region, over the last 5 years there has been a great increase in the value of real estate and this movement tends to continue, even in times of crisis.

The best ventures to invest in 2020

As already mentioned, there are numerous housing options in Winter Garden. However, there are two developments by the largest construction company in the United States, LENNAR, which have a spectacular structure and are among the best to invest in today.


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There is also an up-and-coming area within Winter Garden: the Hamlin. It was designed by the lake and the intention is that the shopping center will be frequented not only by the locals, but by the entire population of the city. It is home to Cinepolis, which are luxury cinemas, Walmart, numerous restaurants and stores that will be housed in this commercial space.

Winter Garden's main attractions

The city has numerous leisure options. The community is very supportive of the local economy and values the town's rich culture and history. For this reason, there are always events in the city center to bring people together, which further reinforces the welcoming country atmosphere.

  • Plant street market - is a kind of "municipal market" with artisanal products that favor local production. There are a variety of restaurants offering gourmet and organic food, a coffee shop, a meat market, as well as a trendy and famous craft brewery with several beer options. It also has a patio where pets are allowed and is undoubtedly one of the favorite places for families.
  • Farmers Market: is a Saturday market with local producers offering a variety of fresh and organic products. There are also music concerts. It makes for a very pleasant stroll.
  • Downtown - has unique Old Florida architecture and a lot of history. It's used daily as a meeting place because it has several establishments nearby and also because it allows you to take a leisurely bike ride, something you do a lot in Winter Garden.
  • Central Florida Railroad Museum - Built in the old Tavares and Gulf Rail Company building in the city center, the museum has original pieces from the old railroad and tells the story of the city's heyday.
  • West Orange Trail - is a trail that stretches for 36 km through the city's old railroads. It has beautiful scenery. It's a favorite spot for those who like to run, cycle and skate. Along the way there are stores, restaurants and ice cream parlors. It's a walk not to be missed.
  • Winter Garden Village - the most popular place for Brazilians, without a doubt. It's an outlet with a huge structure that includes the most coveted stores such as Ross, Best Buy, Bad, Bath & Beyond, Forever 21, Burlington, among many others. It's a must-see.


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