Forbes, chose Orlando as the best city for real estate investment in 2018

Forbes, chose Orlando as the best city for real estate investment in 2018


According to Forbes, Orlando the city was chosen number 1 in the United States for real estate investment in 2018.

Did you know that Orlando is the most visited city in the United States and Magic Kingdom is the 8th most visited tourist attraction on the planet?

Forbes has partnered with a local market monitor to track more than 300 U.S. housing markets.

The monitoring is complete and takes into consideration items such as: population, jobs, and house prices.

Studies point to Orlando as the best city in the United States to invest in real estate in 2018. Home prices in Orlando increased 9% in 2017, bringing the average price of residential real estate in Orlando to US $ 247,550. The city is expected to have a  3-year price growth of 35%.



Forbes points out that their forecasts and studies are not a guarantee of rising home values for the cities on the list, but it is clear that with this trend the likelihood of the buyer getting a positive return on their investment increases.

The increase in tourists and of course the successive years of record after record of tourism have helped Orlando to have this position.

The good news is that amount of investment that are under development in the city only helps Forbes' predictions.

Florida in the Top 5

Besides Orlando, Florida has yet another city in the list of the Top 5 in residential real estate investment, the city of Jacksonville is in third position.



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