The best cities to live in Florida

The best cities to live in Florida

Winter Garden, Florida was rated the best place to live

Florida is a US state with many job opportunities and outstanding schools and universities. In addition, it has an impressive tourist potential that breaks visitor records every year. In other words, it is a wonderful place to visit and, more than this, to live with your family. It also has a great climate, which is a great attraction for Brazilians, and the cost of living is relatively low. 

These are certainly important points when choosing where to live in the United States. Knowing the Sunshine State's favoritism as a destination to set up home, the finance and real estate company, Smartassets, did a survey in 2018 to find out the best cities to live in Florida. 

The ranking took into consideration parameters such as: cost of living for the middle class, family poverty rate, crime rate, and education level. Check now which are the best cities to live in Florida and their main attractions. 

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The best cities to live in Florida

1. winter garden

It is a small town full of history that lies 14 miles west of Orlando. Its past was marked by the production of oranges, as the state of Florida is well known. At present it has shown great economic potential. Since 1999 the average income of families in the region has grown by 69.88%. 

In addition, it is full of young people, more than 28% of its population is in their 20s, and 3 out of 10 families have children. Winter Garden is also a great place to raise children, since all its schools are grade A.

For nature lovers the city also has many attractions. For example, the West Orange Trail, which stretches from Winter Garden to Apopka in the north. The 33-kilometer (20-mile) paved trail is ideal for a day of biking with the family or hiking. Along its length there are also plenty of attractions for children. 

2. wellington

The second place ranking of the best cities to live in Florida goes to Wellington, a city west of Palm Beach. Wellington has a strong economy, a high high high school graduation rate (79.4%), and the higher average family income, according to the survey.

In addition to excellent educational levels and high income, the city has many other charming attractions, with free movie nights, musical and comedy performances, Food Truck events, and much more.

3. North Port

For many families, safety is a primary concern when it comes to choosing the region where you want to settle and raise your children. Therefore, an amazing option for this is the third city in the ranking, North Port. According to Smartassets research, the city's crime rate is 165 per 100,000 inhabitants. North Port is the place to put down roots.

Also worth mentioning is its strategic location, close to major centers, North Port has easy access to Orlando, shopping centers, schools, the beach, and shopping. 

4. Palm Beach Gardens

Palm Beach Gardens is located north of West Palm Beach. It is worth noting that the city is in the center of a rapidly developing area.

In addition, it has good high school graduation rates, the city gains economic prominence. With only 4.2% families located below the poverty line  and the second lowest unemployment rate of the cities evaluated.


5. Pembroke Pines

Settling with your family in Pembroke Pines is likely to be expensive. According to the data, Pembroke Pines is in the top half most expensive for both average housing costs and weekly childcare costs.

But there are reasons why parents are willing to pay a lot to live there, for one thing, Pembroke Pines is one of the safest cities in the survey.

6. Doral

Doral is one of the cities with the highest average monthly housing costs, according to research. Business activities in the region are mainly related to importing and exporting, due to the geographical proximity to the airport. In addition, Doral has a government-funded bilingual school in Portuguese-English and Portuguese-Spanish because it takes into consideration the high rate of Latinos living in the region.

7. St. Cloud

It is a town 26 miles southeast of Orlando, the town is small with well-preserved old architecture. St. Cloud may be in seventh place of the best cities to live in Florida, but overall it is the city with the best location in Florida. best high school completion rate, which is as high as 80%.


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8. Coral Springs

The city of Coral Springs takes our eighth place among the best places to settle with your family in Florida. This is a fairly young city, founded in 1963, and has a fairly young population as well. About 29% of the inhabitants are under 20 years old. Coral Springs also has a low crime rate, according to the survey.

9. Boca Raton

Boca Raton is one of the most beautiful regions in Florida with great beaches of crystal clear water. The city has a low poverty rate and a tourist economy. North Americans from other regions stay in Boca Raton to escape the harsh cold. Besides the beaches, it has canals, points, resorts, and stores to attract tourists and entertain its inhabitants all year round.

10. Plantation

The city has good schools and the poverty rate is low. Nevertheless, the average cost of housing is very high1,400 per month, but there are good job and business opportunities to maintain this standard of living.


The state of Florida as a whole has excellent choices of cities to reside in with your family. You already know that Winter Garden is the best place to live, according to a survey of the best cities to live in Florida. But it is up to each person's taste to choose the coastal or inland region, large or small cities, and various other aspects. 


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