How to choose a realtor.

How to choose a realtor.

When choosing a realtor in the United States, it is very important to keep in mind that the American system is quite different from the Brazilian one. In the USA there is a system called MLS (Multiple Listing Service) in which all properties available for purchase or rent are listed. All brokers have access to this listing and can intermediate business in any property. There is no exclusivity for one broker or another. Another important point to note is that the broker is paid by the seller of the property and not by the buyer, which leaves you even freer to choose the best option.

The ideal realtor is one who understands your goals.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing your realtor, the important thing is to select a registered professional who knows the market and really tries to understand your goals and needs. The offer is very wide, the locations offer various attractions, and the professional must be willing to present several options, explain the characteristics of each property and region, and adapt it to your budget.

And you can rest assured about the language. Many Brazilians work as brokers in the USA, doing great quality work.

Look for a realtor who will spare no effort to find the best investment opportunity for you.

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