How to do an exchange program in the USA?

How to exchange in the US?

Have you ever wondered how to do an exchange program in the USA? The country is the second most popular for exchange programs for Brazilians (19.5%). First place goes to Canada (24.4%), among 53 destinations. This according to 2018 data from Belta (Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association).  

Also according to the survey, among the main reasons for choosing an exchange program are: getting to know new cultures and countries (18.2%) and investing in languages (13.2%). For those who want to explore new places and meet new people, the third largest country in the world, the USA, is conducive for this. 

The landscapes are diverse, beaches, mountains, developed cities, countryside, snow, waterfalls, among many other aspects that please all kinds of tastes. If you have the objective of train your English, upgrade your resume and take advantage of all these aspects follow the text and see how to do an exchange program in the USA.


The first step to make an exchange, in any location, is to determine its purpose. For the United States it is possible to find from academic exchanges, promoted by agreements between Brazilian and American universities, to private professional exchanges, language study or au pair (babysitting) style exchanges. 

There are also exchanges aimed at studying tests. North American universities require language proficiency (TOEFL and IELTS) for a foreigner to be admitted. Thus, there has been an increase in exchanges for preparation courses in the country itself for the tests. 

For those who wish to improve their business focused english There are also language courses aimed at this purpose or even the opportunity to actually work in one's own professional area in the country through agencies that specialize in this type of exchange.  

Site selection 

Once the objective has been defined, it is necessary to think about the place where the exchange will take place. Besides schools or companies of reference, according to your exchange objective, it is important that the city has opportunities and provides a real welcome for you to integrate the local life and routine.

  • Miami: the american way of life matches the city! Shopping malls, beaches and parties attract the Brazilian public. Those who do the exchange program in the region discover a Miami with rich architecture. Downtown is the typical financial center, with modern and huge skyscrapers, while Wynwood is the old industrial district that today is explored by artists with graffiti and galleries, and in South Beach are the historical buildings. 
  • San Francisco: It has the beach atmosphere, museums, outdoors, and also all the opportunities for the exchange student to network. 
  • New York: this is the city that provides all the opportunities of a great metropolis. Cultural diversity, exciting life, and award-winning restaurants are all to be found in America's most populous city. 

These are 3 different examples of what you can enjoy on an exchange in the United States. When it comes to choosing, it is worth doing some detailed research, talking to the responsible travel agency or with people who have already experienced the exchange in different cities of the country.


To learn the language, integrate into the culture, and take advantage of tours and opportunities there may be no minimum amount of time. After all, this is the kind of learning that is inexhaustible. But for those with limited time it is possible to find exchanges from one month to one year to the USA. And even longer-term courses such as higher education, graduate studies, and doctorates. 

A short duration provides limited opportunities, some travel, and study for the weeks of your stay. Longer courses make it possible to work in the country and integrate into that new routine after the novelty wears off. Courses of more than one year, on the other hand, make the exchange student almost a native, both in terms of language fluency and local customs. 




After all the aspects mentioned have been chosen, it is time to pay attention to the more technical procedures, such as visa. Whether it is for one day or a few years, you need a visa to enter the United States. In the case of exchange students, the most common are the F-1, M-1 and J-1. 

  • F-1: is for students who intend to attend a university or other academic institution.  
  • M-1: This is for those who wish to attend a professional, non-academic institution. 
  • J-1: every activity predetermined for the period of stay in the country is contemplated in this type of visa. Examples are graduate courses and internships. 

USA full of opportunities

Whether to study or work temporarily, the United States presents many opportunities for foreigners. If you enjoy American culture and are interested in what is happening in the country, follow The Florida Lounge blog, which weekly presents new content about living, investing and visiting the country and, specifically, the state of Florida. 

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Did you like the article? Keep an eye on our blog! Wanting to live or invest in Florida real estate? See the list of houses for sale in florida that we have selected for you!

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