Dr. Phillips remains Orlando's most coveted neighborhood

Dr. Phillips remains Orlando's most coveted neighborhood

Dr. Phillips (or Doctor Phillips) was the first planned city in Central Florida, founded in 1969. It is a neighborhood in Orlando with characteristics that are rarely found in the big cities: it has nightlife and it is possible to do many things on foot. Essentially, it is an upscale neighborhood and was once the preferred destination for Brazilians who wanted to buy a house in Orlando.

The neighborhood is one of the oldest in the area and developed a lot because of the construction of Disney. It was very sought after by those who wanted to be close to the theme parks and enjoy the pleasant climate of Florida in a neighborhood planned to have all the comfort and facilities necessary for living.

Even with the emergence of newer and more attractive neighborhoods, it is still very well regarded by those who want to live in Florida. Dr. Phillips does not lose its status as one of the best places to live and attracts mainly a public with high purchasing power.

Being able to walk to the market, salon, cafeteria, having excellent schools, security, and being very close to all of Orlando's major attractions are an added attraction for residents.

Dr. Phillips remains one of the best regions for real estate investment in Florida.

History of Dr. Phillips

It all started with a young doctor's desire to invest in the citrus industry, so promising in the Florida of 1890. Dr. Phillip Phillips, a Columbia University medical graduate, moved with his family to the region and saw his business fail after a harsh winter. So he decided to return to Tennessee, the place where he was born and raised.

Not giving up his entrepreneurial drive, he returned years later and gradually acquired a huge amount of land, mainly in Osceola County and Sand Lake. He managed to prosper, becoming a magnate in the citrus industry. Phillips was responsible for creating several innovations in the area of orange juice processing and packaging, which made him stand out in the field.

Dr. Phillips and his family always had a strong humanitarian streak and aimed to help the less fortunate. He brought people from the Bahamas to work on the plantation and always took care to offer them good conditions.

He founded the small village that took his name, with the objective of providing greater comfort to them. During this period, he also built a hospital for black people, who at that time had great difficulty in accessing health care.

In 1954, Dr. Phillips sold his farms to the Granada Groves and Minute Maid companies. It is believed that this transaction was the largest in history in the citrus industry. After the death of the founder and his heirs, what was left of Phillips' properties were left to be used for charitable causes.


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Why invest in Dr. Phillips?

Although many investors have moved to newer, more modern areas, Dr. Phillips remains one of the best neighborhoods in Orlando to live in. The quality of life is excellent, the location is fantastic, and everything you need is close by.

This neighborhood is still very sought after by those who wish to have a more comfortable and quality lifestyle, which guarantees real estate appreciation. It has a wide variety of restaurants that offer the most different kinds of gastronomic experiences. It is ideal for those who enjoy haute cuisine.

In addition, those who wish to live in Florida with children can enjoy the great quality of the education system. The schools are A-rated and have a good infrastructure. And also, the crime rate is very low. Depending on the condominium, it is possible that the children will be free to walk the streets and go to school safely.

Dr. P. Phillips Hospital is a reference in Florida health care and has state-of-the-art technology. Within the neighborhood there are also Health Care centers to serve the community.



What to do in Dr. Phillips?

This neighborhood is one of the best located in Orlando and is very close to all the main tourist attractions, such as Disney, Universal, and Sea World. In addition to the parks, there are excellent leisure and dining options integrated into the neighborhood.

The MarketPlace - is an open-air mall with a huge commercial variety, ranging from large supermarket chains, to pet-shops, beauty salons, and gyms.

Orange Tree Golf Club - is a private club with desing for various levels provides a good environment for all levels of players. It has a great structure, with 18 holes. Ideal for local residents. The Loop with the best finishing holes in the world, according to them.

Nightlife - One of the unique things about Dr. Phillips is that the city has many nightlife entertainment options, such as nightclubs, bars. This is not common to happen in residential neighborhoods. And in addition, it has more than 30 restaurants that provide excellent dining experiences.

Barnes & Nobles - is a very well-known bookstore in the United States and is very appealing to reading fans. It has a very nice atmosphere with an in-house coffee shop and has an excellent selection of books and magazines.

The Best Enterprises to invest in 2020

The city of Dr. Phillips has a lot to offer investors. Although it doesn't have prices and offerings as affordable as new towns like Winter Garden and Windermere, it has a high potential for appreciation.

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