Doubts about living in Florida: see how you can solve them

Doubts about living in Florida: see how you can solve them

When you think about making a radical change, such as moving to another country, the decision is exciting. But it also generates many doubts regarding the transition process and the necessary requirements. For this reason, here you will understand how you can solve your doubts about living in Florida. 


Living in Florida: Which city should I go to? 

The choice of which city to live in is very personal and varies according to the needs and wishes of each family. Nevertheless, it is possible to list some basic characteristics that can become interesting attractions for the decision moment. Such as, for example, unemployment, crime or education rates. Get to know the 10 ideal cities to live in Florida, based on Smartassets' research, by clicking here


How do I adapt to American life? 

For children the adjustment can be smoother because children are usually more open and excited about the changes. Making friends during school term is easy and pleasant for the little ones. For adults, even the choice of the type of property they will live in can influence this adaptation. 

One tip we give you is to opt for a townhousewhich are houses that allow for a friendly relationship with neighbors. Read more about the housing types and the townhouse by clicking here

As for culture and gastronomy, Brazil has a lot of North American influence. Therefore, adaptation is not difficult. In addition, the country is mixedyou will be able to try food from all over the world in the USA. Furthermore, if living in Florida is already a desire of yours, the adjustment will certainly be met with a great deal of excitement. 


Cost of Living

It all depends on the lifestyle of the family and the region you want to live in. But, generally speaking, the services usually have a higher value because Americans have a do-it-yourself culture. So gardening, painting, and home maintenance are not so easily found with affordable labor. 

In contrast, the acquisition of material goods is facilitated as expected from american way of life. So, eating out, buying cars, cosmetics etc. ends up being cheaper than in Brazil.


Visas: Which one to get?

The USA has numerous visa options. These range from tourist entry visas to work, investment, or study visas. To understand each of these options and the rights granted to each of them, you can look for the consulate itself or our relationship agents to help you with this as well. 

You can still better understand the visa process by reading the text "Booking a US visa: all you need to know about the process".


I have other questions! Who to talk to? 

Despite these clarifications, life in another country involves many other aspects. The best way to guarantee a smooth move, with all the details taken care of, is to seek the help from a relationship agent

The Florida Lounge has professionals specialized in relocation of Brazilians to Florida. Our agents understand all the documents, requirements and other bureaucracies of this transition. Contact us by clicking the banner below and have someone to help you in the process of choosing to live in Florida with a 360º consultation. 


Living in the United States

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