School in the United States: How does the system work in the country?

School in the United States: how does the country's system work?

In the United States, the responsibility for the maintenance and control of educational institutions is decentralized. There are three spheres that are distributed in this function: federal, state, and local. According to American law, the contents and programs developed in each school are the responsibility of the local sphereThe state cannot intervene in these decisions. Now see how schooling works in the United States in other respects.


Public or private school?

Public Schools

Public education in the country is offered in full until the end of High School - comparatively, Brazilian High School. Public schools are district schools, i.e, the children study in institutions that are geographically close to their homes. For this reason, it is important to make sure you live in a region where the schools are good, since the quality of teaching and the methodologies proposed may vary from region to region. Basically, you first need to choose the school and then the place where you want to live.

If the question is whether to enroll your children in a public or private school in the United States, it is important to note that public schools in the suburbs are better than those in central areas. This is because investment in public education is proportional to the region's tax revenues. That is, in more spacious areas with larger homes, the tax levy is higher, so more money goes to local education.

Private Schools

The option to invest in private education for one's children is based on two specific issues. The first is to be able to live wherever they want, regardless of the educational level of the region. The other is to pursue a specific goal, such as Catholic or bilingual education.

In addition, some parents opt for private education seeking a more competitive and demanding environment for their children. And they feel safer to talk to teachers and managers to demand results in the case of private schools.

Structure of schools in the United States

Schooling in the United States is divided into Preschool, Elementary School or Kindergarten, Middle School and High School.

Preschool is the equivalent to a day care center in Brazil. It is the place where parents can leave their children while they are at work. It also has a recreational function and stimulates socialization.

At Elementary School the child goes from 6 to 11 years of age and from 11 to 14 years of age he/she attends Middle school. It is in this phase that the children begin to be introduced to the subjects. Besides being introduced to complementary activities that are important for human and professional development.

Already in High School study from ages 14 to 18. Unlike Brazil, American high school lasts four years. It is during this phase that the young person begins to move towards his or her real aptitudes, according to the choice of the subjects of his or her preference.


As mentioned earlier, in the USA, young people choose the subjects they want to study in high school. Some subjects are common to all students, such as: English, mathematics, history and politics. The electives are: physics, chemistry, arts, writing, debate, sports, and cooking, among others. It is important to point out that the choice of electives is essential for the youngster's professional future. They are the basis for the curriculum to stand out for admission to a good university and for the desired course.


Routine life at a school in the United States

American Education has an intense routine for young people. Classes are held full time every day, from 7 or 8 am until 3 pm, with a break for lunch. But in addition to the mandatory and elective courses, the young people who have the objective of entering a university or college in the United States have to take university or even develop parallel projects can integrate different study groups, research, school newspapers, debates, sports, dances, among many others.

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