Are there more houses coming on the market?

Are there more houses coming on the market?

According to a recent survey from National Association of Realtors (NAR) - National Association of Realtors, one of the main challenges buyers face in today's real estate market is finding a home that meets their needs. This is largely because the inventory of homes for sale is very low lately. 

If you are looking for buy a houseYou may have already noticed this market movement in home supply and demand, but there is good news. Recent data shows that more sellers are advertising their properties this season, which may offer more options for your home search, thus increasing your chances of buying.

Signs that the number of inventories may be growing

The most recent figures from show that the number of listings coming to market, known in the industry as "new listings", has increased since the beginning of the year (see the chart below):

The number of lists is growing (2)

This indicates that more sellers are listing their homes for sale every month this year. And, according to realtor.comThis growth is expected to continue. Yours search discovered that Most potential sellers plan to advertise their homes in the next six months. 

". . . markets may see a notable increase in the number of homes for sale as we move into spring and summer. Most owners planning to sell this year indicated that they intend to list in the next six months, with nearly 10% having already put their properties on the market."

Houses are still selling fast

But while new listings are increasing, it is important to know that they are also selling fast. The latest Broker Confidence Index from NAR shows the average days on market for newly sold homes since the beginning of the year (see the chart below). The time on the market has decreased month by month. This means that houses are selling even faster than in the previous month.

The number of lists is growing (3)

What this means for you

Although it is difficult to navigate a low stock market like buyerthere is hope. The growing number of new listings and the expectation that more sellers will advertise their homes in the coming months is great news if you're having trouble finding a home that meets your needs. Just remember, these new listings are growing very fast. This means that you will want to keep your foot on the gas and be ready to act quickly if you find a house you love this season.

Your agent can help you stay on top of the latest listings in your area so you can find the right home for you and submit your strongest offer as soon as possible.


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If you are having trouble finding the home of your dreams, continue your search. More options are coming on the market and your ideal home could be one of them. We'll connect with you so you can stay up to date on the latest listings in our marketplace, so you'll be ready to move quickly when you find what's right for you.

Are you in doubt?

Now you are up to date with the new forecasts about the North American real estate market. Therefore, you can already consider investing in vacation homes in Orlando. To take advantage of all the tips we have brought to you and to deepen them even more, you can talk directly to our relationship agents. They are always willing to talk to you with any questions you may have about investing in Florida.

In this text we approached the theme the behavior of the real estate market during recessions because it is interesting for those looking to invest in Florida. If you want to read more content like the one we brought in this article, just stay tuned here on our blog.

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