Real Estate in the USA: Best Destinations

Mobile in the USA: Best Destinations


Most Brazilians choose Florida as their place to live in the USA. The greater proximity to Brazil, the warm climate and the Latin culture make the state one of the favorites of our countrymen. Cities like Miami, Aventura, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Orlando and surroundings are some of the destinations chosen.

The beautiful beaches in Miami and its region, the parks in Orlando, and all the excitement of these cities attract Brazilians from all over.


For reasons similar to those mentioned above, many Brazilians choose California as their state of residence. The richest state in the United States also offers beautiful beaches, excitement and a pleasant climate. Cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego fill the imagination and dreams of people from all over the world, in search of charm and entertainment.

Californians. But this has a price. Besides being farther away from Brazil, California has one of the highest costs of living in the country.


How can you not fall in love with New York? One of the world's major metropolises is, of course, a huge financial, cultural and tourist center. Many Brazilians live in the different regions of New York and also in the outskirts, such as New Jersey, Hoboken, etc.

Highly populated, the city also has a very expensive real estate market and it is always advisable to do a lot of research before choosing where to live.


The beautiful and culturally rich Boston area is traditionally a concentration point for the Brazilian community. Towns like Framingham and Somerville are full of businesses and establishments run by Brazilians. More recently, many of these Brazilians have migrated to Florida, fleeing the region's cold weather.

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