Investing in dollars: buying a vacation home in the USA is a great option

Investing in dollars: buying a vacation home in the US is a great option

Having an investment abroad is excellent, especially when the Brazilian currency is devalued. This way, your assets are guaranteed and you still count on the profitability in a strong currency. Just think: If even national banks invest in foreign currency, why not do it too? So, understand now how to invest in dollars and why to do so in the Vacation Home real estate market.

Advantage of investing in dollars

The dollar, even with its current oscillations, is a hard currency. Especially when compared to the real. Therefore, investing in the currency is an advantage. In addition, the recommended thing for investors is to have a cdiversified craft. That is, to have investments in a variety of investments. Thus, in case of possible oscillations or losses, there are other profitable sources of investment. When investing abroad, the protection is even greater in case of a drop in the domestic market.

Investing in dollars has the consequence of the profitability also being in dollars. The currency being so much stronger than the real, the account closes with a much higher profit. Now that it is clear why investing in dollars is a profitable option, we will present a great option to invest your capital.

Real estate investment 

In the U.S., a solid market is the real estate. Physical goods have a strong psychological value, of being able to "see the investment". But, besides this, it is a market that counts on stable prices and considerable profitability in the short and long term. This is because the return is immediate when renting the property and also counts on the long-term appreciation of this asset.

In Florida, specifically, the market has been promising; Forbes magazine even elected Orlando as the best city for real estate investment. And even with the forecast of appreciation of up to 35% of real estate throughout the state of Florida by 2021.

To get a return already in the short term, one investment option is Vacation Homes. Vacation homes in Florida have a strategic location, close to tourist attractions such as beaches or easy access to Disney. With a very pleasant subtropical climate the vacation homes in the region hardly stop empty. In addition, they are already designed in the "all included" style, in which appliances and finishes are already part of the house when purchased.

Vacation Home Benefits

It is also possible to count on a property management company to take care of maintenance and leasing throughout the year. In other words, after the acquisition of the property your concern becomes receiving the investment value every month and planning the annual vacation on his wonderful property, located in a region with many tourist attractions.


Investing abroad is allowed. To act in accordance with the Brazilian Law, it is necessary to provide the necessary clarifications, which is done in the annual Income Tax return, at the Receita Federal. In addition, it is necessary to issue a Declaration of Brazilian Capitals Abroad from the Brazilian Central Bank. It is important to count on professionals who understand both Brazilian and North American laws to do everything in a compliant and agile manner.

In this sense, you can have the assistance in all stages of your property acquisition with The Florida Lounge. The company has professionals specialized in serving Brazilians who wish to acquire real estate in Florida. Thus, it offers the 360º consultancy, to guide all the steps of this great step, from the American visa to the declaration of the Income Tax in Brazil. Contact us through the banner below.


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