Kissimmee: The City of Vacation Homes

Kissimmee: the city of vacation homes

Kissimmee is commonly known as the seasonal city of Florida. This is because it attracts a large number of tourists throughout the year, being very close to Disney, Universal and Sea World parks. It is estimated that there are more than 20,000 vacation rental homes there.

The newest developments in the region are already designed to meet the needs that vacation homes demand. This is the case of the Storey Lake condominium, from the Lennar construction company, which has an exclusive resort for guests in the leisure area. The houses available in new condominiums are excellent for those who intend to make a real estate investment in the region and receive extra income from rentals.

Located in Osceola County, together with the city of Saint Cloud, Kissimmee has, besides its location, a great variety of commerce as an advantage. The presence of several stores and restaurant chains preferred by Americans and also by tourists. The city is also home to a number of other attractions that draw even more attention from travelers.

Interestingly enough, in its early days, the town was known for being the site of the first bars that accommodated ranchers traveling on horseback during the cowboy era. And the reputation as a hostess extends to the present day.


Why invest in Kissimmee?

The location is one of the best, considering that the Disney parks are in the area. This factor is one that attracts a lot of tourists, which means that the financial return is almost guaranteed for those who make real estate investments in the city. In addition, you can still find very good homes in this area that are affordable - starting at $260,000. 

The city is known for being a region full of vacation homes. In addition to being able to rent through traditional avenues, Kissimmee is one of the few cities in greater Orlando where it is legal to rent through the Airbnb app. Currently the occupancy rate through this particular site is 68%, according to Mashvisor's website. Newer homes are also estimated to have an occupancy rate of over 75%.

Being a seasonal region does not mean that it is not possible to buy a house in this city to live. It just means that it has some disadvantages compared to others with a more specific profile for housing, such as the constant presence of tourists. In Kissimmee there are A-level public schools, as well as Johnson University Florida and Osceola Technical College.


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What to do in Kissimmee?

Despite being really close to all of Orlando's active and touristy programming, there are plenty of leisure options within the city to escape the traditional theme park rides.

Gatorland: the land of alligators attracts many people who like to see animals up close. To escape a little from the most famous theme parks in Orlando, it is an option very close to the city. During the year there are shows and activities for the whole family. It has very educational information about the animals.

The Loop Mall: is the main shopping center in the city with many famous stores, restaurants, and movies. Some say that the prices there are better than the Outlets in Orlando.

Old Town: It is a quieter trip, but no less interesting because in this shopping center there are several attractions for the whole family, such as very different stores, toys for children, coffee shops, and ice cream parlors. On weekends there are antique car shows, concerts and artistic presentations.

Medieval Times: This is a super different attraction that is worth checking out. In this restaurant, you order your meal and watch a medieval show. In fact, the whole restaurant is decorated with elements of the time, including the plates, cutlery and glasses.

Bob's Balloon Rides: Do you feel like riding in a hot air balloon? This is a great experience that provides an incredible and unforgettable view.

Kissimmee Bay Country Club: was recently considered one of the best golf courses in the country by the specialized magazine Golf Digest. It is another option for those who enjoy the sport. The course offers a beautiful view of the lake



Best Real Estate Investments


Present in almost every region of greater Orlando, LENNAR - one of the largest builders in the United States - has incredible condominium options available in Kissimmee.

The Sedona condominium is located in the prime area of Kissimmee and is very close to the main exits to downtown. Different types of floor plans are available to meet the most diverse needs. There is also the Next-Gen option, a new concept that adds an independent apartment to the house. The leisure area has a Club House with swimming pool, playground and soccer field.


Storey Creek is Lennar's newest development in town. It has almost 16 different types of floor plans to suit families. It has one of the most complete recreational areas in Orlando, with a fitness center, tennis court, basketball court, sand volleyball, swimming pool, playground, and dog park.


Storey Lake is one of the best ready condominiums. It has a concierge and also offers different floor plans. In the leisure area, it has a resort-style club house, with a lazy river, mini golf, water slide, kayak deck, and children's wet area. It is currently one of the most attractive for vacation homes.

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