Lake Nona: Florida's Beverly Hills

Lake Nona: the Bervely Hills of Florida

The Lake Nona neighborhood in Orlando is one of the hottest and most promising in the state of Florida. It is relatively new - only a little over 20 years old - and was planned to be a modern hub with technological appeal unlike anything seen to date. It is considered a Smart Community for having several technology facilities in the city's daily life. 

Built very close to the Orlando International Airport, Lake Nona is already one of the largest health care centers in the United States, home to the largest hospitals in the country. Medical City is the world's largest medical research center. Investment in health and technology there is very high, which makes it affectionately known as the "city of doctors". 

Within the medical city area is the highly equipped and structured War Veterans Hospital. Around US$ 1 billion was invested in the construction of the building, which is one of the city's postcards. 

In addition, it is in this neighborhood that the largest tennis academy in the country with 100 courts, which allows for a good structure to train professionals. It is considered the innovation center of tennis in the country and several technology tests for the sport will take place there.

It has an entertainment complex with highly rated restaurants. A curious fact is that Lake Nona also has the title of gigabyte community, for having a wireless internet speed 200 times faster than the rest of the country. In addition, it has the advantage of being 45 minutes from the beaches and 30 minutes from the main theme parks in Orlando. It is, without a doubt, an excellent region to invest in.


Why invest in Lake Nona?

For having a more modern proposal, the city promises to be the Beverly Hills of Florida. This is because in addition to the modern design of the houses, the entertainment options will be many. At the heart of the city is the Lake Nona Town Center complex, which already provides space for well-regarded restaurants, shows, and renowned stores. Over the years the number of stores is expected to multiply, which will make the shopping experience even more interesting. 

Inside this complex is a building designed by artists. It is a huge parking lot called the Code Wall. On it is written a message made by binary codes. In the center is The Beacon monument where projections are made every night. A real show for those who like innovation.

Although it is a noble region, it is still possible to find houses with more affordable prices, and that are in the same value range in Windermere or Winter Garden. Like them, the potential for property appreciation is enormous.

Another differential of this region is that it is possible to buy the lot and build the house with the design of your preference, respecting the recommendations of the city hall. This is not possible in other cities such as Orlando and surroundings.

In addition, all of Lake Nona's schools are A-levels, one of the biggest draws for people who want to raise children in the United States. The neighborhood is also among the cities with the lowest crime rates in Florida.


What to do in Lake Nona?


Entertainment is what Lake Nona is all about, so the leisure options are many. From beloved shopping trips to adventures on trails within the condominiums themselves.


Lake Nona Town Center: the city's main entertainment center, as we have already talked about here. With this complex nearby, there will be no shortage of things to do during leisure time.


Lake Nona Golf & Country Club: is a luxury golf center that provides a unique experience with personalized guidance.


United States Tennis Association (USTA) National Campus: is the largest tennis academy in the world. It is open to the public every day. If you wish, you can take private lessons. There is also a restaurant on site with self-service and grab-n-go options.


Nona Adventure Club: is a park that has adventure toys, such as zip-lining, climbing and wakeboarding. It also has inflatable toys inside the lake. Without a doubt an excellent option for children and teenagers.


Best Enterprise to invest in

The good options for real estate investment in Lake Nona do not stop appearing, but there is a condominium that stands out. Storey Park, from the LENNAR construction company, brings several differentials with the best cost x benefit in the region.

To start with, all the houses are automated and have solar panels, which not only helps the environment, but also reduces the energy bill. There are also 20 different floor plans available to suit all tastes and styles. With the all-inclusive concept (everything's included) you can choose for example to have carpeting or ceramic floors. The house will be delivered to the taste of each client. It is literally the house of dreams.

In addition, there is a charming Club House with swimming pool, tennis court, gym, dog park, and playground. Within the condominium there are several parks and trails, expanding the leisure options close to home.

Storey Park is very close to the new school in Lake Nona and it is possible for children to walk or cycle to it. It is also very close to the airport, with a great location. 


I have other questions! Who to talk to?

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