Mount Dora: The Charming Historic Town

Mount Dora: the charming historic town

Mount Dora is a small and charming town north of Orlando. It is mainly sought after by Americans who wish to have a quieter lifestyle, without losing quality of life. Built by the shores of Lake Dora, it enchants by its historical architecture from the 1920's and 1930's. It is a city that keeps its roots, but at the same time is concerned with the comforts of modernity.


Located about 50 minutes from downtown Orlando, Mount Dora is part of Lake County, as is Clermont, and has about 14,000 residents.


It is a very quiet town in which to raise your children. The community of Mount Dora has a unique hospitality that attracts many visitors. The town center is always very busy, especially at night when live music is performed. It has a cozy country town feel, with the bonus of being on the shores of the lake.


Although it is not very well known by Brazilians, it is on the North American tourist route. For this reason, it is very well valued. It is also a refuge for retirees, who really enjoy the lifestyle that Mount Dora provides.


The first evidence of the city's creation dates back to the 1880s. However, it was officially incorporated into the state of Florida in 1910. The town of Mount Dora is one of the few that retains the oldest buildings from the beginning of its construction. One of the main sights is the Donnelly's home, dating from 1893, which has even become a national historic site, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The old buildings are often renovated by the community itself.

Mount Dora was once the backdrop for a movie, Honky Tonky Freeway, released in 1981. For the filming, the houses in the town center were temporarily painted pink.

Why invest in Mount Dora?


The city of Mount Dora is not usually on the route of Latinos, but it is one of the favorite destinations for North Americans. This is because the tranquility and the climate of the city make it very cozy. This means that real estate can appreciate in value, albeit at a lower rate, because there is always demand.

The city remains in constant revitalization. Recently the city's urban landscape has been remodeled and made even more charming. This kind of movement comes from the community, which comes together to raise funds to do the necessary work. This is what has happened to the Community Center, the Mount Dora Community Building, one of the oldest buildings in town, twice already.

The schools are good and have a B rating. There are 26 public and private schools, from elementary to high school. The crime rates are low.

The AdventHealth Medical Group hospitals are very close by, and there are also specialty clinics scattered around the city.

The commerce is very varied. The highlight is the many gastronomic options with typical foods from various countries around the world. In Mount Dora there are also large supermarket chains, stores, and all the necessary facilities for everyday life.


What to do in Mount Dora?


The city has a lot to offer when it comes to entertainment. There are a few options for residents to enjoy the city's infrastructure.


  • Downtown Mount Dora: is, without a doubt, the hottest spot in town that houses many restaurants, stores, and coffee shops. In addition, it is home to some of the oldest buildings dating from 1880.
  • Annual Festivals: The city is known for the many festivals it promotes during the year, such as the Annual Christmas Lighting Festival, the Sailing Regatta on Lake Dona, the Arts Festival, and the Antique Spring Show, among others. They are very popular and attract many visitors.
  • Grantham Point Park: is one of the city's main attractions with the iconic lighthouse that sits on the edge of the lake - one of the only freshwater lighthouses left in Florida. It features a wooden walkway that runs over the lake and into the wilderness with incredible views.
  • Mount Dora Golf Club: Opened in 1945, this golf course is still a great attraction for beginners. It is not as long as most of the courses in Orlando, but it has its charms.
  • Mount Dora Village Market - is the open-air market where local producers display their fresh produce. It happens every Sunday morning.

Best Real Estate Investments

Mount Dora has some of the most expensive square footage in Lake County. Still, there are good lakefront home options starting at 450,000. It is a great real estate investment, especially for those who want to reside in an area like this. It is highly sought after by families who like a quieter lifestyle and also by seniors.

In this town the houses are older, but well maintained. In general, they are very spacious and have a good distance between neighbors. It is always possible to negotiate values with the owners.

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