Orlando's Population: Key Figures

Orlando's population: key figures

A lot of information goes around the world about the capital of fun, Orlando. There are more than 30 theme parks, incredible beaches nearby, and an area strong in tourism and in the economy, with agriculture and technology. But do you also know the main population figures for Orlando? Today we bring you some information about the city and its inhabitants, beyond Disney. Read on and learn more about Orlando. 


In 2018, the city of Orlando had a population of 286 thousand inhabitantswith average age 33.9 years. The latest population data available is for the 2018 survey of the Date Usa

Ethnically the city is composed of 35.8% of whites, 31.7% of Hispanics or Latinos, and 25.5% of blacks or African-Americans. Of those, 87.2% are US citizens. 



Between 2017 and 2018 there was an increase of 5,71% employed residents. Totaling 160 thousand active workers. It is worth noting that, among the most common jobs, the main branches of work for Orlando residents are: 

  • Sales and related occupations (19,619 people).
  • Office and administrative support occupations (17,400 people). 
  • Management occupations (16,421 people).



In the higher specialization branches, the city has an unusually high number of residents working in Legal Occupations (1.6 times higher than expected), Personal Care and Service Occupations (1.45 times) and Health Diagnostic and Treatment Professionals and Other Technical Occupations (1.31 times). 

Finally, the highest paid positions are Health Diagnosis and Treatment and other technical occupations (US $ 76,970), Health Care and Technical occupations (US $ 65,433) and Architecture and Engineering occupations (US $ 62,447).


Orlando families have a average annual income of US $51,820, these are the data for 2018. Compared to the previous year, there was a growth of 8.88%, when the average annual income was US $47,594. 

With regard to gender issues, there is a large pay gap between men and women. In full time jobs, as shown in the chart below, women earn about 1.34 times less than men

Annual Income by Ethnicity 

Ethnically, the highest paid are Asians, who are paid up to 1.09 times more than whites. 

  • Asians: US $ 56,219
  • White: US $ 51.352
  • American Indian: US $ 40,596

Outbound trading from Florida 

Putting the projections into a slightly larger footprint, for all of Florida, one can see how the state has developed relative to neighboring states. 

The data in the chart represents products exported from the region to others in the country. It is worth noting that by 2020, Florida's total outbound trade is forecast to reach US $ 497 billion. And further, it is expected to increase by 43.6% to US $ 714 billion by 2045.


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Higher Education 

The number of women in higher education is higher than that of men, the proportion is 27,945 women, against 20,690 men in the institutions

Regarding ethnicity, most of the students graduating from Orlando are white (34.5%). Followed by Hispanics or Latinos (33.8%) and lastly, Blacks or African Americans (16.2%). 

Among the most popular courses are Liberal Arts and Sciences (46.7%), General Business Administration and Management (17%), and Nursing (3,14%).

It is also worth noting that, the average tuition costs in Orlando are US $ 13,800 for private four-year colleges. Meanwhile, for public four-year colleges, it is US $ 1,984 and US $ 7,933, respectively, for in-state and out-of-state students.


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Now that you know the population of Orlando, are you thinking about investing or living in the area? 

Orlando's economy becomes even more robust when you consider the data brought in by tourism. The city breaks annual visitor records. In the year 2019 there were 75 million tourists. Along with the visits, all the infrastructure to receive so many people is growing in the surroundings. 

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Data: Data USA

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