Want to have a quiet life by the lake? Windermere is an excellent option

Want to have a quiet life by the lake? Windermere is an excellent option

Florida cities often bear the marks of the state's development history and the city of Windermere is no different. Divided between the old and the new, there is a mix between the traditional and the modern that guarantees the charm of this town. It is surrounded by lakes, which allows you to live close to landscapes that bring calmness. It is also an excellent option for those who want to lead a quieter life, but with all the necessary facilities for everyday life.


The city is one of the most sought after destinations by families who value safety, quality of life, good infrastructure for outdoor activities, and who want to be sheltered from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. It has even been the choice of celebrities such as Kaká, Shaquille O'Neal, Wesley Snipes and Tiger Woods.


Windermere was officially opened in the year 1925. It was home to huge orange farms - some of which still exist - and thus became a commercial hub. The town center is still maintained with the characteristics of that time. Even the streets adjacent to the main avenue are still dirt roads and have not been paved.


The proximity to the theme parks, the airport, and major shopping centers and commerce allow Windermere to be on the list of options for buying property in Orlando. The easy access to the major attractions allows the city to remain with a countryside profile, its main characteristic.


Old City vs. New City


Some people only consider the downtown part of Windermere to be Windermere, with its little more than two thousand houses, but about 10 years ago a new part of the city was added with several condominiums and shopping centers. The older residences were highly valued and some are worth up to 2 million dollars.


Commerce is still not as large and diverse as in Winter Garden (neighboring city)For example, because one of the intentions of the local community is to keep some of the characteristics of a small town. However, there you can find everything you need to maintain yourself, such as supermarkets, retail stores, health clinics, and well-regarded schools, among others.


In the new part of the city there are about 30,000 new residences, including mansions, apartments, and several condominiums with houses of various profiles. There are also small malls with several shopping and leisure options. There are also public parks, among them the famous and much frequented R.D. Keene Park's with boat ramp and other aquatic equipment.


The developments still under construction have become an excellent investment option. Besides being state-of-the-art homes, the properties have a high appreciation potential. It is, without a doubt,  one of the best places near Orlando to live.


Another important point for lovers of Mickey's land, is that due to the proximity to the Disney parks, it is possible to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks show from home.


Life by the Lake


Imagine the tranquility of having a lake in your backyard and being able to sit on your porch and admire a beautiful sunset reflected in the water. This is a very common scene for those who choose to live in Windermere. Being surrounded by lakes, there are several housing options in this style that is also an American ideal.


Even those who don't have the lake so close to home can enjoy it easily. Some condominiums and estates have their own private decks and ramps, but for those who don't, there are public parks where you can access the lake and practice these activities. Sport fishing, jet skiing, wakeboarding, speedboat riding, are all part of life for those who choose to live in Windermere.


The City of Celebrities


Within Orange County, near Orlando, Windermere is a favorite among celebrities and people with high purchasing power. This is because in the region, besides having luxurious mansions available, the quieter lifestyle is an attraction for those who live under the spotlight.


Because it has a huge green space, and also because it started being explored relatively recently, the mansions are usually far away from each other, which guarantees more privacy. In addition, most of the luxurious houses are on the lakeshore, with private decks and stunning views.


It attracts the richest people in the world for being lakeside for allowing a more tranquil lifestyle. Besides that, several restaurant options, including some of the world's most renowned, cigar and wine houses, private golf courses, among other options that provide a luxury experience.


Why invest in Windermere?


The city is one of the cities with the most growth potential in Florida. There is still a lot of room to develop and real estate appreciates very quickly. The quality of life for those who want to raise a family is spectacular. Besides being very safe, all the schools are new, with great facilities and very well respected.


Currently an excellent option is the condominium Vista at Windermere, from the LENNAR construction company. It is very well located in a prestigious area of the city. It is close to convenience malls and very close to the Windermere golf center. In addition, it is also close to the city's main schools. It is a private condominium with 39 houses.


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