Real Estate: profitable and consolidated investment option

Real Estate: profitable and consolidated investment option

The term "Real Estate" refers to investments in tangible assets. Today the term has been appropriated to allude to aspects of real estate market

Investment models have become much more diverse over the years as a result of technological advances. But one thing has certainly not changed: the profitability capacity of real estate investments. Historically, real estate investment has been and continues to be a very profitable and safe option to diversify the investment portfolio. 

Within this scenario, Florida has been one of the most profitable places to invest in real estate. Read on and find out how investing in Florida real estate can be an excellent option for you.


Advantages of investing in Real Estate

In any region of the planet what you can expect from real estate investment is profitability in the short and long term, mainly because of the 3 following aspects: 

1- Appreciation

 Real estate properties in fast-growing areas, with tourist potential or with people turnover appeal (such as university areas) are synonymous with valuation and profitability. This is because these are areas where there is always an audience for investment. 

In the state of Florida, real estate appreciation has been around 4.2% per year. It is noteworthy that in Orlando alone, the growth in property value reaches 10%. The data are from Forbes and NAR. In other words, buying a house in Florida today is doubly profitable: in the short term with the rent and in the long term with the appreciation of the investment. 

2- Income

It is always good to remember that real estate is a great source to generate a passive incomeIn other words, it is possible to make a monthly capital out of them effortlessly. It is worth remembering that not only long-term residential rentals can be profitable. Renting commercial premises, land, and vacation homes (such as on Airbnb) also has a high potential for profitability. 

Vacation Home Income

Vacation Homes, as the name implies, are vacation homes for short-term rental. With such a property you can use the house during your own vacations and, throughout the year, leave it in the care of a specialized manager to rent to other families in the area. 

It is worth pointing out that average annual occupancy rate of a Vacation Home property is 67% to 80%according to the properties managed by our partner company. In other words, it is the kind of investment that generates return throughout the year. 


3- Low risk for this investment 

Real estate investment in a strategic location, that is, designed for a specific purpose, has very little risk to be taken into consideration. Furthermore, the house remains yours to enjoy for you and your family whenever you want. 

For this reason, even those who are adept at more aggressive investments, such as those in the stock markets, always have real estate in their investment portfolio, since they are consolidated.


Florida Real Estate Market 

As we have said, real estate has a tradition of being a good investment anywhere on the planet. But, If you intend to dollarize your investment, the state of Florida is the ideal region.  With its pleasant climate, record-breaking annual tourist appeal, and good economic conditions, the region has been the most recommended one to invest in a house. Including, check out here 10 good reasons to invest in Florida.


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