Learn why Winter Park is one of the most desired cities

Learn why Winter Park is one of the most desired cities

The city of Winter Park is truly charming with its wide, tree-lined streets. It is no wonder that it is one of the most desired for those who want to buy a home in Orlando, next to Winter Garden and Windermere. Besides the excellent location - it is 30 minutes away from International Drive - it has several entertainment options, high-level universities and schools, and very spacious houses. It is the perfect mix for those thinking about living with their family in Florida.


Winter Park is one of the oldest cities in greater Orlando, and even today one of the most sought after, since it provides an excellent quality of life and a certain refinement to the lifestyle of its residents. It is a noble neighborhood, but it is possible to find houses for affordable prices, especially in the older part.


It is home to Rollins College, the first university in the State of Florida and the best in the country in the Arts. For this reason, the city has a very strong cultural scene. Here residents can enjoy a variety of attractions including museums, exhibitions of famous artists, recitals, theater performances, music festivals, and outdoor concerts.


It was created with the aim of attracting wealthy families in the north of the country, who wanted to escape the harsh winter. Florida's mild climate conquered this public, and so large investments were made in the region in order to please the noble class. 


The construction of the railroad made it easier to get to the city, and was one of the key points in the city's growth. After the opening of the University in 1855 and the construction of Disney were also major drivers of the region's development.


Today, the stunning downtown is part of the National Register of Historic Places in the United States.


Why invest in Winter Park?


It is a city that is already consolidated and still with a high potential for appreciation. As already mentioned, there are excellent entertainment options in the city, besides very well respected schools and universities. All of the public schools have an A rating, and this directly influences the quality of life in the region. 


And yet, two of Winter Park's five universities are among the best in the country: Rollins College - focused on the arts - and Full Sail University - strong in communications, design, business, and games. 


It also has a reference hospital, AdventHealth, which has several specialties and an excellent structure.


Winter Park homes are usually very spacious. In addition, the investor can choose between older or modern homes. All of them have an added charm. What changes is the buyer's style and price. But without a doubt it is a region that guarantees itself as an excellent real estate investment.


What to do in Winter Park?


The city offers many options for entertainment, gastronomy, and culture. There are programs for all styles, tastes, and also to enjoy alone or with the family.


Downtown Winter ParkThe city center is where most of the cultural scene happens. It is where the famous Park Avenue runs. There are many options of stores, restaurants, and cafes. It is a very pleasant walk to take on weekends or in the evening.


Winter Park Farmer's Market: is a small market that takes place every Saturday morning in Downtown with an exhibit of fresh produce such as flowers, fruits, cheese, vegetables, and others. All made by local producers.


Scenic Boat Tour: is a pleasant boat ride that lasts about an hour and takes visitors around some of the lakes in the region. During the trip it is possible to see stunning houses and have more contact with nature.


Central Park: is a well wooded park with many sculptures, ideal for quiet walks with the family. Music concerts and festivals are held there throughout the year. It is worth the visit!


Park Avenue: is the most famous street in the city and concentrates a large number of stores and restaurants. The design of this avenue is charming with many flowers, trees, and a very cozy and charming style.


Winter Park Golf Course: This golf course is public and very well known. It recently underwent a renovation that made it even more attractive. It is a nice program to do with the family.


Winter Park Village: is an open-air mall with several options of stores, including the Brazilians' favorite ones. It is also home to one of the best movie theaters in the region.


The Wine Room: for wine lovers is an obligatory stop. The house offers numerous wine options for tasting, as well as craft beers and sparkling wines. They also serve appetizers with more than 70 types of American cheeses and a delicious selection of cold cuts.

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