Orlando Vacation Home Occupancy Rate 2018

Holiday Home Occupancy Rate in Orlando 2018
Orlando Vacation Home Occupancy Rate 2018


After reaching the historical mark of 72 million tourists in 2017, Orlando has already started 2018 tourism indicators at a High, with a tendency to beat new Record by the end of this year.

Indicators published recently by STR Global (Market Research and Analysis Company), showed increase in the lodging occupancy rate of 4.2%compared to the same period of the previous year (Feb-17 | Feb-18), and of 5% compared to the year-to-date (Jan-May-17 | Jan-May-18).

occupancy rate of a vacation home in orlando

Source: STR / Visit Orlando


It is worth noting that the indicator does not yet include the period of greatest concentration of tourists in the citywhich is the period from June 15th to August 15th. High season.


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Case Study


We request One Vacation Home(our partner company that manages our clients' properties), a study based on historical information (last 2 years), about the behavior of each property type in each period of the yearWe will be applying this study below to realistically demonstrate what the occupancy rate of a given property is, and what profitability this property can bring to its owner by renting it in the different periods of the year.

See below the result of the survey

Percentage of occupancy rate by period of the year

Peaks (67 days per year)

High Season (67 days per year)

Medium Season (66 days per year)

Low Season (164 days per year)

Annual Average

Average daily rate by property type

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Full Steam Economy

Forbes recently voted Orlando the best city for real estate investment in 2018. Orlando has been the tourism capital of the United States, and the city's economy is booming!

Important indicators of the city's economy, focused exclusively on the hotel industry, also reinforce the growth indicators of the property occupancy rate.

The rate of new jobs in the hospitality industry grew 4.6% compared to February last year, which represents an increase of 11,600 new jobs.

To get an idea of the importance of these indicators, Orlando's unemployment rate (3.4%) is below the National average of the United States which is (3.8%)

The city of Orlando has recorded the generation of more than 1,000 jobs per week.

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