See what the salaries are for the most popular jobs in Orlando

See what the salary is for the most popular jobs in Orlando

Salary of the most popular jobs in Orlando


Orlando's most popular job, which is held by more than 56,000 people, is not the highest paid salary in the region, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

An average annual salary of US $ 25,470which is well below the general average salary in Orlando, which is $44.930. In fact, 23 of the 30 most popular jobs pay below the city average, with only seven paying above that - the highest paid being $109,500 per year.

Check out the 10 most popular jobs in Orlando

  1. Retail Salesperson - $25,470 average annual salary
  2. Customer Service Representative - $32,710 average annual salary
  3. Food preparer (including fast food) - $20,550 average annual salary
  4. Waiter - $27,140 average annual salary
  5. Cashiers - 1TP2Q22.120 average annual salary
  6. Office Clerk - $31,630 average annual salary
  7. Janitor and cleaner (except domestic employee) - $23,970 average annual salary
  8. Clerk - $26,910 average annual salary
  9. Cook - $27,720 average annual salary
  10. Nurse - $64,950 average annual salary

Expanding to the top 30 positions, it shows how the metropolitan region of Orlando led the nation in job creation in September, with 48,400 jobs created. The Miami metro area came in second with 29,100 jobs created, and the Tampa metro area came in third with 26,500 jobs created.


Source: Orlando Business Journal

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