Investor visas: what it is and how to get one for the USA

Investor visa: learn what it is and how to get one for the US

Entrepreneurship and investment in the USA can be a quick and viable way to secure a visa for the entire family group. Want to know how the investor visa works? Read on. 

Through investments it is possible to achieve Green Card with the EB-5 program. It was created by the Immigration Act of the United States Congress in 1990. The program has the objective of fostering foreign investment in the country in locations considered less privileged.

Living the American Dream

Growing interest from Brazilians 

According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, in 2018 388 visas of this modality were issued to Brazilians. This total includes investors and their family group, such as spouse and children up to 21 years old. 

According to the agency, the number of citizens of Brazil interested in EB-5 grows every year. In 2017 there were 282 Brazilians who applied for the program. While in previous years there were: 150 (in 2016), 34 (in 2015) and only 11 (in 2011). Many factors in domestic politics are responsible for the increase in the demand to live in the USA. These include the economic crisis and violence. In contrast, the United States has a booming economy and many business opportunities. 

EB-5 investor visa prerequisites

To get into the EB-5 program the investor needs to inject venture capital into a for-profit entity in the country. The amount is USD 500,000 in rural areas or places with high unemploymentThe Targeted Employment Area. Or from USD 1 million in urban areas

It is also possible to set up a new enterprise in the country and qualify for the program. The crucial thing is to generate at least 10 direct jobs for a period of five yearsat least. 

In addition, the investor needs to have the clean record. That is, you cannot have committed serious crimes, fraud, or have violated US immigration laws. You must also prove the source of the investment money (it can be inheritance, loans, retained earnings, etc.). 

Change in the value of EB-5

As of November 21st this year, the investment amount for TEAs will be USD 900,000. For those who wish to open their own business, the minimum will increase from USD 1 million to USD 1.8 million.

Types of investment by EB-5

The types of investments that are viable and authorized for an EB-5 applicant to inject his or her capital are places with tourist appeal, such as resorts and hotels, restaurants, as well as sports stadiums, shopping malls and shopping centers, and luxury condominiums. 

  • Loan: in the EB-5 loan type the investor deposits his money in the venture as a loan. After five years the project manager must return the amount invested and the investor still has the return of the value with interest between 0 and 3% per year.   
  • Equity: In the equity model, the investor becomes a partner-owner of the enterprise with full participation in the profits. This model is more risky, so it is not much sought after by foreigners. 

How long does the processing take? 

Obtaining a housing visa through EB-5 may take from 7 to 24 months to be released. After approval, the investor and his or her family group receive a sort of "conditional" green card valid for two years. 

The permanent green card comes after a few years. It is still necessary to take into consideration that there is an EB-5 visa approval limit of 10,000 per year (for all nationalities).  



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Acquisition of the dream house 

The EB-5 investor visa actually works as a gateway for Brazilians to enter the country. Since its financial return is not immediate, it cannot be used as a source of income for the maintenance of the family group in the country. However, after obtaining the document, the whole family can move to the United States. 

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Did you like the article? Keep an eye on our blog! Wanting to live or invest in Florida real estate? See the list of houses for sale in florida that we have selected for you!

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