Are you ready to fall in love with home ownership?

Are you ready to fall in love with home ownership?
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Some highlights

  • Home ownership offers comfort, stability, and security, and makes you feel more connected to your community.
  • Your home is something to be proud of and is uniquely yours, so you can customize it to your heart's desire.
  • If you are ready to fall in love with home ownership, let's get connected to start down the path.

The financial benefits are always a key aspect of home ownership, but it is also important to understand that the non-financial and personal benefits are the reasons why so many people genuinely fall in love with their real estate.

When you buy your home, you probably feel emotionally attached to it because of the comfort it provides, but also because you feel fulfilled that it is a space that is truly yours.

In the last two years, we have learned to love our homes even more because we have started to stay indoors more due to the current pandemic and this has become an even more important place where we want to feel good, comfortable and safe. 

"Despite the turmoil and uncertainty of the past year, one thing has remained the same: the house remains of the utmost importance and a place of security and comfort." Put on Unison.

When the health crisis began, the world around us changed almost overnight and our homes were redefined. Our needs changed and our home became a place of protection like never before. The same study by Unison observes:

  • 91% owners say they feel secure, stable or successful in owning a house
  • 64% of American homeowners say that living through a pandemic has made their home more important to them than ever before
  • 83% of homeowners say their home kept them safe during the pandemic of COVID-19

Not surprisingly, this study also reveals that homeowners now love their homes even more as our emotional bonds with them grow:

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This feeling of emotional connection really goes far beyond the financial aspect of home ownership. Because they are our homes-something we can genuinely call our own. Our homes touch our hearts and can also positively impact our mental health.

As JD Esajian, president of CT Homes, LLCsays:

"In addition to the financial factors, there are several social benefits of home ownership, and stable housing, to consider. It has long been thought that buying a home contributes to a sense of accomplishment. Yet most people don't realize that the home ownership can benefit your mental health and the community around you."

If you're thinking about buying your first home, moving into your dream home, or downsizing to something that better suits your changing lifestyle, take a moment to reflect on what Mark Fleming, chief economist at First American, notes:

"Buying a house is not just a financial decision. It is also a lifestyle decision."



There are so many reasons to fall head over heels for home ownership. Your home will provide a place to personalize and call your own, as well as stability and security. If you're ready to fall in love with home ownership, let's get connected so you can start your home buying journey today.

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