Americans' opinion of the value of real estate as an investment is rising. This is in line with a research of Gallup. Not only is real estate seen as the best investment for the ninth consecutive year, but more Americans have selected it than ever before.

The graph below shows the results of the survey since Gallup started asking the question in 2011. As the trend lines indicate, the real estate sector has been gaining ground as the clear favorite for almost a decade now:

Americans choose real estate for nine consecutive years as the best long-term investment

If you're thinking of buying a house, this poll is here to reassure you. Even when inflation is as high as it is today, Americans recognize that owning a home is a financial decision.

How investing in real estate can benefit you during high inflation

How inflation reached its highest level in 40 years recently, it's more important than ever to understand the financial benefits of home ownership. Rising inflation means that prices are increasing in all sectors, and this includes goods, services, housing costs and much more. When you buy your home, you lock in your monthly housing payments, effectively protecting yourself from increases in one of your biggest budget items each month.

If you're a tenant, you don't have the same benefit and you're not protected from these increases, especially when the rents increase. As Danielle Hale, chief economist at, observes:

"Rising rents, which continue to rise at a double-digit pace . . and the prospect of setting a monthly housing cost in a market with widespread inflation is motivating today's first-time home buyers."

When inflation rose in the past, so did house prices

Your home is also an asset that usually increases in value over time, even during inflation. That's because, as prices rise, so does the value of your home. Mark Cussen, financial editor at Investopediaput it like this :"

There are many advantages to investing in real estate. . . It often works as a good inflation hedge because there will always be a demand for houses, regardless of the economic climate, and because as inflation rises, so do property values. . . ."

And as rising house values help to increase its assets and, by extension, its net equityHistorically, home ownership has been a good hedge against inflation.

See an article with more arguments:  What does an economic slowdown mean for the real estate market? Buying a house is a powerful decision. No wonder so many people see it as the best long-term investment, even when inflation is high. When you buy, you help protect yourself from increases in housing costs and you own an asset that usually gains value over time. If you want to better understand how buying a house can be a great investment for you, let's connect today.

Any doubts?

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