Living in the United States is the goal of many Brazilians. This is due to better working conditions, quality of life and comfort. But then the question arises: what are the best cities in the United States to live in? Like Brazil, the country is vast and has a very rich and diverse culture. As such, you need to do your research and study the place you want to live in very carefully, ensuring the best adaptation for the whole family. So, to help you make this choice, read on and find out which are the best cities in the United States for you to live in. 

The country is the third most populous in the world, with around 327.2 million people spread across its 50 states. Its inhabitants include many immigrants from different nations. As a result, the USA has a wide ethnic and cultural diversity. 

But it's not just the culture that is diverse. Due to its size, the United States has a very diverse climate. It is possible to find regions ranging from climate humid subtropical and humid continental, to arid and semi-arid. There are also regions with a polar climate, such as Alaska. 

What should be taken into account?

However, it's not just the climate that defines the best cities in the United States to live in. Issues such as educational levels, unemployment and crime all play a part in the choice. 

The best cities in the United States to live in

#1 Loch Lomond, Florida

Loch Lomond is located in the sunny state of Florida. The town is renowned for being the there are more Brazilian immigrants in the country. Not surprisingly, the climate is similar to Brazil and all the infrastructure of the small town are a great attraction. In addition, living in a region where there is a network of mutual support among Brazilians makes it much easier to adapt, especially with children. 

#2 Miami, Florida

Miami also has many Brazilian immigrants. But that's not all that makes it an ideal place to live. The city is a cosmopolitan center that brings together the famous beaches with quality of life, entertainment and infrastructure. Brazilians, who have been vacationing in the region for some time, began investing in real estate as a profitable option for accumulating capital. But now they have taken up residence in Miami. 

Like Loch Lomond, its main appeal for Brazilians is its climate, which is similar to that of Brazil. It also has a large immigrant population, which makes it easier to get to know and adapt to the region. These are just some of the main reasons why Miami is one of the best cities to live in the United States.

#3 Austin, Texas 

The capital of Texas is another very attractive option, and not just for Brazilians. The region has become a hub for high-tech professionals. This is because many Silicon Valley companies have chosen to settle in the region in order to reduce costs.

Austin has approximately 800,000 inhabitants. In addition to the aforementioned job opportunities, it has low levels of pollution, average cost of living and good educational institutions

#4 Winter Garden, Florida

Winter Garden is the ideal choice for raising children. All its schools have an A grade, achieving high educational standards. It's also a very young and lively city, with over 28% of its population aged 20. In addition, 3 out of 10 families have children. 

Best of all, to guarantee all the family's fun, the city has just 25 minutes from Orlandothe capital of fun. 

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#5 Seattle, Washington

Those who prioritize a healthy lifestyle consider Seattle to be one of the best cities in the United States to live in. A very common sight in the region are outdoor parks with lots of families practicing sports activities. It is therefore a city that offers great quality of life

Another attraction for Brazilians is that the city is part of the Welcome AmericaThe aim is to integrate and welcome immigrants in the best possible way.

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