Just a few minutes from downtown Orlando is the charming town of Baldwin Park. It's not on the radar of Brazilians looking to buy a house in Florida, but it does have its attractions, starting with its excellent facilities for residents. It's a very pleasant town, with carefully designed streets and standardized houses. It offers good leisure options and a wide range of shops that meet the main needs of everyday life.

Baldwin Park recently became the site of the Naval Training Center and there were even walls to surround the property and guarantee the necessary privacy. However, the base had to be relocated. As a result, the Orlando government decided to reuse the land. Among the options was the construction of a large outlet-style shopping complex, which is the region's strong suit; an office center; or even a suburban neighborhood.

Instead, it was decided to build a community that would allow for an outdoor lifestyle, with a modern concept known as "walkable neighborhoods" where you could walk or cycle anywhere in the city.

That's what it has become today. The city was built on the basis of a design that included bicycle and pedestrian paths throughout. Baldwin Park is not very big and has few inhabitants, but there is no doubt that quality of life is one of the main characteristics that attract residents.

The city is very charming and very reminiscent of the American dream. The architecture is modern, but in a way it allows people to live an old-fashioned lifestyle. You can do everything on foot, without rushing, safely and without large crowds.

What to do in Baldwin Park?

Because it has a different concept and is very close to downtown Orlando, there are no major attractions in Baldwin Park, which doesn't mean that it doesn't have great leisure options.

In addition to the traditional parks, where you can picnic, children can play in the playgrounds and admire the view of the lake. There are also a number of delicious, highly-regarded gastronomic options for all tastes. Throughout the year there are various themed festivals and open-air concerts to keep the whole family entertained.

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Best Real Estate Investments

The city of Baldwin Park has several housing options, ranging from apartments to large, spacious single-family homes. This makes it possible to buy a property at a slightly more affordable price. Despite being a prime area, it is possible to find properties in the same price range as Winter Garden, but not with the same configuration.

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