Even with the Thanksgiving holiday cut short this week, what can we expect from the Black Friday in the US is a way of heating up the market. Last year the occasion broke online sales records. 

The National Retail Federation estimates that the date will have a 4% growth in sales. This percentage is enough to keep the economy going. 

Growth in online sales

According to Adobe Analytics, in 2018 the date reached US $ 6.22 billion in online sales. The expectation for the year was a growth of 20% in the sector, but the indexes reached 23.6%. This was also the first time that mobile purchases reached US $ 2 billion in a single day.  

Stock market 

Even the stock market could be impacted by this seasonality. In a note released by JP Morgan, it was estimated that stock sales will rise by 4.91TP3Q, compared to 1.91TP3Q last year.   

Cyber Monday

In addition to this Friday's big discounts, Cyber Monday is yet another opportunity for retailers to sell and for consumers to do their Christmas shopping at a good discount. Compared to Black Friday, Cyber Monday is new. It was created in 2005 to extend discounts until the Monday after Thanksgiving. Today these discounts are seen, on a smaller scale, throughout the week. 

The idea started in physical stores and has also been widely adopted by e-commerces, since the public can take advantage of the big discounts from the comfort of their own homes. According to 2017 data from ComScore, the date represented a consumption of US $ 3.36 billion online alone. Already last year Americans spent US $ 7.9 billion. 

Holiday shopping season 

This year's Holiday shopping season - from November 25 to December 2 - is expected to reach or US $ 136 billion in the USA. Only Black Friday is expected to bring in revenues of US $ 7.3 billion. In other words, if the market forecasts come true, there will be around US $ 1 billion more circulating in the market. 

Social Media 

This year, social media will also be a major factor in sales figures. Not only for publicizing promotions, but also for making purchases. Salesforce estimates that around 10% of purchases on mobile devices come directly from social networks during this shopping season. 

Origin of the term Black Friday 

Black Friday takes place the day after Thanksgiving to mark the start of Christmas shopping. It's called "black" because it's an opportunity for businesses to get out of the red with increased sales. At the time, accounting was still done by hand, and black ink pens marked profits, while red ink pens marked losses. This is how the term "Black Friday" came about.

Top sales

Black Friday discounts in the United States are really aggressive, up to 80% discount. In this context, the most sought-after products, both by Americans and foreigners visiting the country at this time, are electronics. At the top of the list are televisions and smartphones. Apple's products are sure to be very popular. Do you already know what you're going to buy for the occasion? 

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