You can manage your own home, but always bear in mind that it's a task that requires time and dedication. Your rental home is a business like any other and will take up a good deal of your time.

As well as paying bills and cleaning and maintaining the property (gardening, swimming pool, air conditioning filters, small repairs, etc.), you have to advertise it on the market, manage contacts, welcome guests and meet their demands. The advantage is that, as well as keeping all the profit, you will have greater control over who will be using your home. By outsourcing this work, the criteria will no longer be yours. If you have a more emotional relationship with the property, this can be a major factor.

Hiring a company to manage your home

Many investors choose to hire companies that specialize in managing holiday properties. These companies charge a percentage of the rental price (around 15%) but, in return, they are responsible for advertising, managing, maintaining and paying the bills.

If you live far away, this is a highly recommended option.

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