Brazil was the seventh country with the most investment in the USA. Specifically in the state of Florida, it rose to second in the ranking. These are the figures from National Association of Realtor 2016.

But why can investing in real estate in the United States be so profitable?

  • The country values private initiative;
  • It grants loans at low costs;
  • Look at consumption habits;
  • It applies light taxes;
  • Conjuncturally speaking, it has monetary security.



If you're still not convinced that investing in the USA is a great option, here are some more detailed explanations.

In the North American real estate market, the estimated return on investment from rentals is between 4 and 6% when the house is already finished, 8 to 10% when it is under construction and 18 to 20% per year when it is bought under construction with a view to being sold. Estimates may vary depending on the state, location and other factors.

Investing in Florida

It's not just because of the state's tourist appeal, with Walt Disney World, beautiful beaches, museums and many other entertainment options. In addition to all this, it's worth investing because Florida is economically promising.

In 2018, its GDP totaled US $ 1 trillion. This means that if it were an independent country, would be the 17th largest economy in the world. These are the figures from the Florida Chamber Foundation.

This total Gross Domestic Product is higher than that of countries like Switzerland and Saudi Arabia, for example. Last year, Forbes Magazine presented an estimate of the appreciation of real estate in Orlando. By 2021, at 35%.



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Types of investment

So, from this data it is possible to get a comprehensive picture that a lot of money is invested in Florida every year. As a result, the opportunities in the region are magnified. That's why, whether it's buying as an investment, renting out, using a vacation home or even taking up residence, the state of Florida has grown as a safe and profitable investment option in the USA for Brazilians.

Florida is an economically strong state with many options for investment, work and education. In addition, the unemployment rate in the region is 2.9%, while in the rest of the country it is 3.9% .

If you want to invest in real estate in the USA, especially in the state of Florida, contact our relationship agents. We can help you understand the whole bureaucratic process, from getting your visa to buying an amazing house!

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Did you like the article? Keep an eye on our blog! Looking to live or invest in real estate in Florida? See the list of houses for sale in Florida we've selected for you!