Lennar Construtora is an American company of tradition and excellence. In 1954 it was founded in Miami, where its headquarters are still located today. But it has already expanded its area of coverage and today, builds in 19 states throughout the United States. 

Read on to find out more about the construction company's tradition and projects, as well as the successful partnership between The Florida Lounge and Lennar Construtora. 

Lennar Construtora 

Lennar is currently the largest real estate construction company in the country. Among its range of properties, you can find luxurious buildings, such as vacation homes, to apartments that make up urban landscapes.

Lennar also provides financial services to their buyers through Eagle Home Mortgage and North American Title.

Its entire history of success and tradition is guided by its principles of Quality, Value and Integrity.

Everything Included

In Lennar's projects you will find the concept of Everything Included. This means that all their homes are delivered with finishes and appliances, adding luxury, technology and efficiency to the properties. 

Vacation Home Lennar 

The main investment option for Brazilians is Vacation Homes. These are vacation homes located in complete resort-style condominiums, with a strategic location and plenty of comfort, luxury and security for their guests.

This option is very attractive in Florida because this type of property has the appeal of year-round occupancy, which means it has excellent profitability, given the Sunshine State's tourist potential. In addition to the comfort of having a vacation home to visit whenever you want in a state with lots of fun, a favorable climate and the best of the American Way of Life.

The Florida Lounge and Lennar Construtora

The Florida Lounge provides real estate advice specifically for Brazilians interested in investing or living in the United States. It is also Lennar Construtura's main partner in Brazil. 

This way, you have access to all the houses built by the largest builder in the USA and you also have 360º personalized advice from professionals with expertise in real estate investment and everything that surrounds this subject, such as visas, opening a bank account, schools and universities and investments in the country. 

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