I've always been intrigued by the role of Roy Disney in the success of what we know today as DISNEY. I am convinced that the ability to execute is crucial for any project to be successful.

During his life Walt Disney didn't share much publicly about his relationship with his brother, Roy Disney, but at a Big Brothers of America charity event in 1957, Walt said:

"I was lucky. I had an older brother. And he's still with me. And I still love him. I argue with him. Sometimes I think he's the most stubborn guy I've ever met in my life. But I don't know what the hell I'd do without him."

So I decided to study their lives a little and write an article highlighting Roy rather than Walt as we usually see him. I understand that what we know as Disney today is the fruit of the DNA of the two brothers, without their vision their ability to execute would be of no use, I hope you enjoy the text

Since its inauguration, the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, has become a global entertainment landmark, the numbers of annual visitors scare anyone, just to give us an idea of what the strength of this project is, Paris receives 38 Million Tourists annually (this figure is from 2019), only the The Magic Kingdom welcomed 21 million visitors in 2019 and if we add up the 4 parks of the Walt Disney Resort in Florida, the number of visitors in 2019 was 59 million.

Behind the grandeur of this dream destination is the extraordinary collaboration of two brothers - Walt and Roy Disney. While Walt personified creativity and imagination, Roy personified financial and operational stability. Together, they built a legacy that transcends generations and continues to inspire millions of visitors around the world.

When we think of the name "Disney", we immediately think of magical castles, captivating stories and iconic characters that have filled the imaginations of generations. Behind this universe of dreams, however, there is a real story. This story was built by two brothers, each bringing their unique skills to the table: Walt and Roy Disney. While Walt is usually the most recognizable face of the brand, with his creative vision and constant innovation, Roy's contribution was equally essential, acting as the pragmatic and financial foundation on which the Disney empire was built. Whenever I visit one of the Disney parks I like to notice the execution and management process, how that dream of visitors is meticulously created by all its employees, there are so many small details that I am amazed at the precision.

Right near my home, I have the privilege of watching the Magic Kingdom fireworks display every day from the garden of my house, right here in the heart of Florida, the Walt Disney World Resort shines as a testimony to the collective vision of these brothers.

Here, it's not just Walt's imagination that comes to life; it's also Roy's meticulous care and vision that turn those dreams into tangible reality. Over the decades, the Resort has become a symbol of the perfect intersection between unbridled creativity and strategic management.

But like any great story, the Disney brothers' journey was not without its challenges. Clashes of ideas, tensions and reconciliations marked the brothers' trajectory, proving that building a lasting legacy requires both passion and resilience.

I invite you to read this article and immerse yourself in the collaboration, partnership and moments of tension between Walt and Roy Disney, two brothers whose differences and similarities shaped the world of entertainment as we know it.

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The Story of Walt and Roy Disney

Roy Oliver Disney was born on June 24, 1893, in Chicago, Illinois. His brother, Walter Elias Disney, known as Walt, came into the world on December 5, 1901, in Hermosa, Illinois. Both shared a passion for stories and an intrinsic desire to bring joy to the world.

From an early age, it was clear that Walt had an extraordinary gift for art and storytelling. His tireless dedication to creating unique animations led him to found the Disney Brothers Studio, now celebrating the 100th anniversary of the studio's founding, which would later become The Walt Disney Company. Meanwhile, Roy, with his financial and administrative skills, soon became Walt's trusted partner, ensuring that his ambitious visions could be turned into reality.

The Disney brothers grew up in the vast plains of Chicago at the beginning of the 20th century. There the two brothers grew up intertwined by shared dreams and humble circumstances. Walt and Roy Disney, although 8 years apart in age, were united by an unbreakable bond from childhood. This bond would become the foundation on which they would build one of the largest entertainment empires in the world.

The Disney's childhood was marked by challenges, from moving to a farm in Marceline, Missouri, to the arduous days in Kansas City. These early experiences gave Walt and Roy a deep appreciation for hard work, tenacity and the importance of family. Marceline, in particular, left the deepest mark on Walt, inspiring him with its picturesque landscape and rural simplicity, elements he would later incorporate into many of his creations.

While Walt was known for his creativity and relentless passion for storytelling, Roy had a more practical bent and a business acumen. He was Walt's safe haven, always ready to guide and support, ensuring that his younger brother's vision was realized, but within financially viable parameters.

Together, they formed a complementary partnership. Walt, with his vision of a world full of wonder and magic, and Roy, with his realistic and focused approach, ensuring that each project not only flourished in terms of creativity, but was also economically sustainable.

In 1923, driven by a shared ambition and determination, the brothers founded Disney Brothers Studio in California. It was the beginning of a journey that would transform the entertainment industry forever. Walt brought iconic characters and unforgettable stories to life, while Roy ensured that the gears behind the scenes worked flawlessly.

The early years were not easy. Faced with failures, debts and adversity, it was the Disney brothers' unity that drove them forward. They believed deeply in each other, and this belief became the fuel that ignited the flame of their subsequent success.

The Joint Journey: From Dream to Reality

The story of Walt and Roy Disney is one of determination and complementarity. From the moment they decided to work together, the brothers embarked on an unparalleled journey, shaping the world's entertainment landscape.

In its early years, Disney Brothers Studio faced a number of challenges. From early animations such as "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, which, due to a business setback, led to the creation of the iconic Mickey Mouseto the pioneering "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", the first animated feature film, every step of the way was fraught with obstacles and uncertainties. However, it was clear that the pair had something special: while Walt generated innovative ideas and captivating narratives, Roy took care of the practical aspects, ensuring that each project was financially viable.

The complementarity between them was the key. Walt had an unparalleled ability to dream big and envision the future of entertainment. He imagined worlds where people could lose themselves in stories and magic. Roy, on the other hand, had an analytical mind and a deep understanding of finance and operations. He was the foundation that ensured Walt's visions didn't just remain dreams, but became reality.

Together, they turned a small studio into an empire. Innovation was always at the heart of their decisions. With the invention of the first cartoon synchronized with sound, "Steamboat Willie", and the first cartoon in Technicolor, "Flowers and Trees", the duo demonstrated their ability to always be ahead of their time.

The success of the Disney Brothers Studio culminated in the creation of a landmark in the history of entertainment: Disneyland. This was not just a personal achievement for the brothers, but a demonstration of the power of the partnership between the artistic and the financial, between dream and reality.

The Unparalleled Partnership: Walt and Roy Disney

If Walt was the beating heart of creativity, Roy was the pillar that kept the structure upright, guaranteeing its stability and viability.

The company's early years were a dance between Walt's artistic innovation and Roy's financial rigor. Walt had a vision that often seemed impossible or too ambitious by the standards of the time. It was his determination to create the first animated feature film, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", a risk that many in the industry thought would be the end of Disney. However, with Roy's financial guidance and his ability to find the necessary capital, that dream became a reality, and the film not only established Disney as a leader in animation, but also paved the way for future successes.

Roy, for his part, never let the numbers overshadow Walt's vision. He understood that behind every idea Walt had, there was an opportunity for innovation and new territory to be explored. It was his financial management skills that allowed Walt to explore new frontiers, such as the transition from animation to live-action and the opening of Disneyland.

This symbiotic relationship between the brothers was evident in the way they expanded their horizons. While Walt envisioned the theme park as an immersive experience, Roy took care of the logistical and financial challenges, ensuring that the project became viable.

However, it wasn't just their individual talents that made this partnership a success. It was the mutual trust, respect and admiration they felt for each other that enabled them to overcome adversity and reach unimaginable heights.

In short, the partnership between Walt and Roy Disney was not just about combining skills, but also about a brotherly connection that translated into a shared vision, making it possible to create an entertainment empire like no other.

Confrontations and reconciliations

The relationship between Walt and Roy Disney, two brothers with different skills and temperaments, was marked by fruitful collaborations, but also by undeniable tensions. Both had their individual strengths which, in many cases, protected the company from their respective failings. For example, Roy, more cautious with spending, often clashed with Walt's enthusiasm for investing in emerging technologies.

However, on significant occasions, such as in 1932, Walt managed to convince Roy to invest in a new color film technology, resulting in the first color cartoon, Flowers and Treeswhich won the first Academy Award for animation.

But the Disney brothers' work dynamic also had its flaws. They inadvertently divided the company into two informal groups: "Roy's Boys", who worked in the financial and legal areas, and "Walt's Boys", who focused on creation. These divisions brought adverse cultures, often fueled by rivalries between the brothers. Although the brothers could have heated disagreements with each other, they fiercely defended themselves against outside criticism, preventing the gulf between the two groups from becoming insurmountable.

Another challenge was the lack of an established method for arbitrating resolutions on disputed issues. One such dispute was over the creation of Disneyland. Walt wanted to build a new kind of amusement park, but Roy, skeptical about the viability of the project and concerned about the company's financial situation, resisted. Walt, determined, formed a new company and financed the project with his own money. It was only when Walt proposed a partnership with a television network that Roy gave in, recognizing the inevitability of the project. Together, they forged a partnership with ABC, catapulting the company into the amusement park and television markets. Disneyland, inaugurated in 1955, exceeded all expectations, turning the $6 million in gross revenues of 1950 into $70 million in 1959.

The tension between the brothers intensified when Roy wanted to buy Walt's separate company, WED Enterprises. The argument between them reached its peak, leading to a months-long estrangement. During a tense negotiation over Walt's contract, at a moment of impasse between lawyers and executives, Roy intervened, declaring: "None of us would be here in these offices if it weren't for Walt. All their jobs, all the benefits they have, everything came from Walt and his contributions. He deserves better treatment than is being shown here." Roy's powerful gesture not only underlined Walt's inestimable value to the company, but also paved the way for the two brothers to reconcile.

United once again, they worked together for the rest of their lives, further solidifying their legacy. The Disney brothers' journey teaches us that, even in the face of challenges and disagreements, love, respect and mutual understanding can overcome adversity. Their partnership not only shaped an entertainment empire, but also left a lasting legacy that still resonates around the world.

Roy Disney's Immortal Phrases: The Wisdom that Inspires


Words have the power to shape realities, and Roy Disney's phrases are no exception. While Walt was often the face of magic and innovation, Roy offered a pragmatic and often profound perspective on business and life in general.


  1. "It's not difficult to make decisions when you know what your values are." - This phrase reflects Roy's direct and honest approach to business and life. Whether he was managing Disney's finances or making personal decisions, his values were his guiding light.


  1. "I may never be as good as Walt, but I can certainly be the best Roy Disney that ever lived." - This quote highlights Roy's humility and his recognition of his brother's brilliance, while underlining his determination to do his best within his own capacity.


  1. Walt had a dream, and it was my job to make it a financial reality." - A clear representation of their complementary roles, this phrase reiterates how the talents of both brothers were indispensable to the success of the company.


  1. "It all started with a mouse": On October 1, 1971, at the opening of the Walt Disney World Resort, Roy Disney thrilled everyone by declaring: "It all started with a mouse". This phrase captures the essence of the extraordinary journey that the brothers embarked on, from the first steps of animation to the creation of a magical kingdom of dreams.


  1. "You get there by not giving up": Roy Disney believed in the power of persistence and determination. His famous phrase "You get there by not giving up" echoes as a reminder that, even in the face of challenges, commitment to your goals is the key to lasting success.


  1. "You'd better build a paddock at the back of the stable when the horse runs away": A preventive approach characterized Roy Disney's acumen. This phrase illustrates his approach of anticipating problems and finding solutions before they became crises, a quality that contributed significantly to Disney's success.

Roy's Lasting Influence at Walt Disney World Resort


While Walt Disney was the creative mind behind the audacious dreams that brought the magical world of Disney to life, Roy O. Disney was the pragmatic foundation that enabled those dreams to become reality. Especially in the case of the Walt Disney World Resort, Roy's influence was invaluable.


  1. An Ambitious Vision: The Walt Disney World Resort was the most ambitious project Walt had ever imagined. The magnitude of this undertaking demanded astute financial management and a firm operational strategy. Although Walt passed away before seeing his dream come to fruition, Roy took on the responsibility of ensuring that his brother's vision materialized.


  1. Cinderella's Castle: Symbolic of the balanced relationship between the brothers, Cinderella's Castle, which sits at the heart of the Magic Kingdom, is not only a representation of Walt's dream, but also of Roy's determination to bring that dream to life. It was under Roy's close supervision that the castle was built, ensuring that it became the unforgettable icon it is today.


  1. Dedication to the project: After Walt's death, Roy postponed his retirement to oversee the construction of the resort. He worked tirelessly, ensuring that every detail was in line with the original vision. As a tribute to his brother, Roy renamed the project from "Disney World" to "Walt Disney World"ensuring that Walt's legacy was always front and center.


  1. Continuous Impact: Roy's pragmatism and methodical approach to business influenced not only the initial construction, but also the continued expansion and operations of the resort. His financial decisions and guidance paved the way for Walt Disney World's sustainable growth, allowing it to continue to thrive and delight generations of visitors.


In summary, while the Walt Disney World Resort is often associated with Walt's vision and imagination, it would be foolhardy to underestimate Roy's indelible influence. It was his dedication and management skills that ensured Walt's dream went beyond paper, becoming the magical destination that millions love and enjoy today.

The Living Legacy: The Eternal Presence of the Disney Brothers at the Resort


Even decades after the opening of the Walt Disney World Resort, the influence and presence of Walt and Roy Disney is palpable in every corner of the complex. The philosophy and ideals that the Disney brothers nurtured were not limited to the time of their direct involvement, but have been perpetuated, creating an atmosphere that enchants and inspires all who visit the resort.


  1. Incorporated Values: In every attraction, show and experience, visitors are transported to a world where Walt's imagination and Roy's commitment are tangible. The relentless focus on the visitor experience, the meticulous attention to detail and the constant search for innovation are direct reflections of the values that the Disney brothers advocated.


  1. Subtle Tributes: Throughout the resort, there are countless nods and tributes to the brothers. Whether through commemorative plaques, sculptures or even subtle details in specific attractions, Walt and Roy's memory is kept alive and present.


  1. Continuous collaboration: Cast Members, as the resort's employees are called, are constantly reminded of the Disney brothers' original vision and are encouraged to perpetuate this legacy. Training and integration programs emphasize the importance of collaboration, creativity and commitment, central characteristics of Walt and Roy.


  1. Innovation and Tradition: The Walt Disney World Resort continues to expand and innovate, always with one eye on the future and the other on the rich history and tradition that the brothers left behind. Each new attraction or expansion is made with respect for the Disney legacy, ensuring that the essence of what Walt and Roy stood for is never lost.


The Walt Disney World Resort is not just a place of entertainment, but a living monument to the passion, determination and vision of the Disney brothers. Every laugh, every magical moment and every memory created within its gates bears witness to Walt and Roy's eternal presence and influence.

A Special Quote from Walt about Roy


Walt Disney, despite often being the public face of the Disney Company, often acknowledged his brother Roy's influence and fundamental role in its success. The complicity and mutual respect between the brothers was evident not only in their actions, but also in their words.


One of Walt's most memorable quotes about Roy says: "You see, all my dreams might have remained just dreams if it hadn't been for my brother Roy. He made them real. He made the dream practical." This phrase succinctly captures the dynamics of the partnership between the Disney brothers. Walt, with his imaginative vision and ability to dream big, and Roy, with his pragmatism and ability to turn those dreams into reality.


The quote is a powerful tribute to Roy's determination, his financial savvy and his ability to balance Walt's idealism with the realism needed to run a business empire. It also shows the humility of Walt, who, even though he was the "dreamer", recognized the importance of his brother in his journey.


Reflecting on this quote, it is clear that the Disney Company would not be what it is today without the unique combination of talents of the Disney brothers. They were truly complementary, with Walt providing the creative vision and Roy providing the support and structure to make that vision a reality.


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