Opening an account in the USA: why is it important to buy real estate?

Open an account in the U.S.: why is it important to buy real estate?

If you are among the Brazilians who want to make a Florida real estate investment should start thinking about opening a bank account in the United States. The good news is that you don't even have to leave Brazil to do it. Here are some explanations on the advantages of opening an account in the USA and how to do it. 

Why open an account in the USA?  

If the intention is to buy a property in cash it is important to have the account to make the movement of this high amount of money. Since it is unlikely that payment for this shipment will be made in cash. 

Already if you want to make the investment through bank financingIt is even more important to have an account with a U.S. bank. This is because these are the institutions that make the loan possible. The granting of credit can easily be arranged through your own bank. E, with up to 70% of the house value financed

In addition, the valuable deliveries made directly from an account in Brazil to an account abroad have a lower tax collection. In this way, you can save money when making transactions. 

In relation to economics, the advantage of having an account in the USA is that during visits to the country it is possible to use the American debit or credit card instead of the Brazilian one, which is subject to the exchange rate transactions of the day. 

Credit Score

If, more than investing in the USA, you wish to live in the country, opening an account is necessary to manage your financial life. More than that, having access to an account, debit card, and credit card contributes to accumulate points on your credit score

When doing the Social Security Number The citizen is also given a credit score. A scoring system that increases as you consume in the country, take out credit, and pay on time. These points give the citizen a title of trust for future investments, granting of credit, and even emergency access to health care in the country. 


How to open an account in the country? 

If you intend to open an account in person, it is very simple and fast. You need to go to a bank branch carrying your passport and present a residential address, which can even be the one in Brazil.

Usually an account maintenance fee of about US $ 10 per month is requested. After this, the customer is entitled to a debit and credit card, and access to internet banking. The tip for choosing the bank for opening the account is choose one that has branches all over the countrywhich is convenient when traveling in the USA. 

Even from Brazil it is possible to open an account in the USA. The procedure is legal, just declare everything in the Income Tax.


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Real Estate Investment from bank financing 

As mentioned at the beginning of the text, one of the biggest advantages of opening an account in the USA is the ease of obtaining real estate financing. If you are looking for a property that is right for you, contact our relationship agents. The Florida Lounge's know-how is Vacation Home in Florida, this is a profitable investment in the medium and long term. Moreover, it can still be enjoyed by the whole family during the vacations in the USA. 

Did you like the article? Keep an eye on our blog! Wanting to live or invest in Florida real estate? See the list of houses for sale in florida that we have selected for you!

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Did you like the article? Keep an eye on our blog! Wanting to live or invest in Florida real estate? See the list of houses for sale in florida that we have selected for you!

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