How to rent your Vacation Home

How to rent your Vacation Home

To rent out your vacation home, you need to indicate to the market that it is available. There are several real estate listing systems and you need to register and advertise it on these sites.

Take lots of pictures, talk about the amenities and attractions of your home. Remember, you don't have to convince the tourist to choose the area, but rather your property. He has probably already done a lot of research and knows what he is looking for in the area. All that remains is to decide which property to rent, and this is what you should focus on.

Research the market and analyze the prices charged in the region for properties similar to the one you are offering.

Respond quickly to contacts via email or phone. Provide details.

Make contracts establishing what is and what is not included, rules, check-in / check-out times, etc.

Offer secure payment methods, such as credit cards, PayPal, and others.

In general, landlords require a security deposit (between $150 and $200 on average) which is returned only after the guest has checked out and everything is in order.

Key delivery can be done in several ways. You can have someone deliver the keys personally, or put in automatic keyless or lockbox systems, a little box that holds the key and also opens with a password.

Finally, put your guest at ease and make yourself available to assist them in case of need.

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