How much does a house in the USA cost?

How much does a house cost in the US?

Are you thinking about investing in real estate abroad? Surely you must be wondering if this acquisition is more advantageous than buying a house in Brazil. Besides its profitability being in dollars, a stronger currency than the real, the United States has a policy of facilitating the acquisition of goods, such as real estate and cars. So, if you are interested in expanding your investment portfolio, you should know how much a house in the USA costs. 

Is investing in the USA more advantageous?

The United States has several facilities for the acquisition of wealth, including for foreigners. To have an idea, it is possible to get up to 70% financing at US banks for the purchase of the house. 

In addition, after the deal is closed, the appreciation of your property and the profitability, should you use the house as a source of income (rent or seasonal rental) will be in dollars, a strong currency. In other words, besides the ease of making the purchase, the income will be more than doubled because it is in a more valued currency than the real. Knowing these two arguments, if you already understand how it is more advantageous for you to invest, find out now how much a house in the United States costs.


How much does a house in the USA cost?

As with any investment, the value varies a lot according to some factors. In houses in the United States it is necessary to evaluate the type of property, the location, the infrastructure, and the leisure options.

In tourist cities, such as Orlando, the highest priced and most highly valued homes are those near the Disney parks. You can probably imagine why. Disney attracts tourists from all over the world at all times of the year. Vacation homes, specific dwellings to be rented by season, are the accommodation option for many families who bring the little ones to experience this magical world. For this reason, the city is already built with specific areas for Vacation Home. These are close to the parks and in condominiums of the highest level to compose the perfect vacation with many leisure options.

Vacation Home

This type of real estate investment therefore makes it possible to rent by the season. From the experience of The Florida Lounge consultants, it is possible for the house to have a Average annual occupancy rate of 67% to 80%. 

Vacation homes are highly sought after by Brazilians because of their profitability and fast return on investment. You can calculate the profitability of a Vacation Home in our article: How to calculate the profitability of a Vacation Home


Learn about three Vacation Home options in Orlando

Delray - Innovation at Panther View - Orlando

Delray - Article "How much does a house cost in the US?
House with 5 bedrooms.

Maui - ChampionsGate - Orlando

Maui - Article "How much does a house cost in the US?

8-bedroom home located in ChampionsGate, a condominium that has many entertainment options, including a golf course.

FIJI - Champions Gate - Orlando

FIJI - Article "How much does a house cost in the US?

6 bedroom house with a game room. Also located in the ChampionsGate condominium.


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Property types

To find out how much a house costs in the USA it is also necessary to evaluate the type of property. A single-family, for example, which is a house with a private backyard, is worth more than a condo. If you want to understand more about these different types of properties, check out our article: Townhouse, condo, single-family: understand the different real estate in the USA.

Count on the help of experts

The variables to know how much a house in the USA costs are several. Therefore, together with one of our relationship agents, evaluate which is the ideal real estate investment for your financial situation. Our consultants are specialists in the sale of houses in the United States for Brazilians. We can contribute with all the bureaucratic process that involves this acquisition. Contact The Florida Lounge through the banner below.

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