Learn why real estate investment attracts so many Brazilians in orlando

Learn why real estate investment attracts so many Brazilians in orlando

More than just being home to Mickey and home to many other theme parks, such as Universal Studios and Sea World, the city of Orlando has emerged as a great investment potential in the most diversified sectors. Today it is a hub of high technology and the focus of investments in the USA. That is why there are so many Brazilians in Orlando, many visionary investors and people looking for a quiet place with good infrastructure to live. 


Economic Potential 

In the year 2015 Orlando ranked 28th in ranking  of the cities with the best economic indicators in the USA, in the study published in 2018 rose to the 7th position. This new placement is due to the investment in technology that has fostered several other sectors in the city. The growth of University of Central Florida with more than 64,000 students, 8% increase in professional, scientific and high-tech jobs and so many other aspects are more than proof that more than tourism, Florida is growing as a potential for business and other opportunities.  

profitability of a vacation home

Brazilians in Orlando 

For Brazilians the city has always been the tourist destination for family vacations and even to settle down. What now has also expanded in possibilities for investors is the acquisition of real estate. Whether for Vacation Home or for fixed rental, with prospects of becoming the address in the family in the USA. Currently, Brazil is the second country that most invests in real estate in Florida. 

And it's not for nothing, the city presents the best of american way of life in real estate, cars, restaurants, shopping malls. In addition, is a leader in health care and research and has the second largest university in the state, the aforementioned University of Central Florida.  


Of the Brazilians who settle in the US, about 20%, 1.3 million, live in the Sunshine State. The most popular cities are: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Orlando. Another interesting fact to know is that the annual income of these families is about 49 thousand dollars (almost 13 thousand reais per month). 


Tourism and Real Estate Investment  

The most visited city in the USA and the second most visited city in the world has a beautiful infrastructure for the tourism. There are about 26,000 Vacation Home rentals, and it employs about 230,000 people in the region. 

Both because of the strong and diverse economy, as well as the tourist potential, it is possible to understand why there are so many Brazilians in Orlando making real estate investments. With short and long term returns, the Vacation Home are an option that allows your investor to enjoy a very pleasant vacation in the USA. And yet, throughout the year, be easily rented out to pay for the investment itself and quickly give the buyer a return. Learn more about the occupancy rate of Vacations Home here

Single-family homes, on the other hand, are the choice of those who, in addition to investing, wish to live in a region with so much potential for investment, job opportunities, good education, and excellent economic figures. 



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Did you like the article? Keep an eye on our blog! Wanting to live or invest in Florida real estate? See the list of houses for sale in florida that we have selected for you!

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Did you like the article? Keep an eye on our blog! Wanting to live or invest in Florida real estate? See the list of houses for sale in florida that we have selected for you!

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