The United States is home to more than 1.3 million Braziliansaccording to the most recent data made available by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These numbers are growing every day, and no wonder. The country has become a safe and more economically advantageous option to live in than Brazil. 

The data on who is already there is encouraging. Brazilians in the US earn more than Americans themselves. Their average annual income is USD 55,000, compared to USD 54,460,000 for the locals. In addition, in relation to the potential of the homeland, the figures are even more disparate, since the average annual income is as high as 7.2 times lower than in the USA. The data are from the Hayman-Woodward PLLC survey. 

But building a life with your family in another reality requires much more than a favorable economic situation. Living in a new culture is closely related to adherence to customs. For example: food, hobbies and consumption habits. As well as fitting in with the institutions (school, work) and relationships and socializing with the locals. But the effort to integrate into society is not unilateral. So how will Brazilians be received in the USA? 

North Americans are also a welcoming people

The movement of Brazilians to the United States has been made by executives and people with higher education, at least incomplete. In this sense, the professional market is looking for positions with higher pay and a high level of specialization. This public are very well received in the country, with integration in all social spheres facilitated

It's not just the economic situation that makes it easier to adapt to the country. The level of English is also preponderant, around 80% of Brazilians living in the USA are proficient in the language. Speaking and, more importantly, being able to express yourself in the language of the place where you live is essential for carrying out basic daily tasks and really integrating with your neighborhood, co-workers, school, etc. For this reason, even the North American population ends up being more receptive when the language barrier is broken. 

These were the two main indicators (schooling and proficiency) of the survey published by Folha de São Paulo, which came to the conclusion that Brazilian citizens are the best suited to the US reality as immigrants.

Warmest region

O state of Florida and the one that receives the most Brazilian immigrantsof the region's population. The location was chosen because climateThe climate is similar to that of Brazil, with a very hot summer and a not so harsh winter. And because the region has a high number of immigrantsespecially Brazilians. This makes it easier to integrate into the place. 

What's more, Brazilians can feel more at home. That's because there are already shops aimed at the Brazilian public. And even schools have made an effort to better adapt to children

In the state, the town of Loch Lomond receives the most green and yellow emigrants, accounting for around 15% of the population.

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Neighborhood is everything 

Creating bonds in the area can be easier in houses in condominiums, for example. Common areas and open gardens can make it easier for children and adults to get along. Neighborliness is very important when you're going through a sudden adjustment, such as moving to another country. 

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