Virgin Trains USA is making rapid progress on its planned stop at Walt Disney World.

The Miami intercity rail company's plans to connect to Orlando and then Tampa included a possible stop at Walt Disney World. The two companies signed a memorandum of understanding in November and now that work is coming to fruition, according to a new monthly report on Virgin Trains' revenue and passenger numbers.

Specifically, the two entities began the engineering and design work for the proposed project.

Here's more from the report:

A Virgin Trains spokesperson said that the project is still in its preliminary stages and that the work with Disney has gone beyond the November memorandum of understanding.


The future Disney station, which does not yet have a location on the theme park giant's property, would be part of Virgin Trains' $1.7 billion rail expansion from Orlando to Tampa. That station would be subject to permitting, negotiation with state agencies for transit access and a full agreement with Disney. There is no timetable for when work will begin on the Tampa route.

For the proposed Tampa route, Virgin Trains was working with the Florida Department of Transportation and the Central Florida Expressway Authority to conclude in-country negotiations by January 1, but was granted another 90-day extension. The new deadline is March 31.

Meanwhile, Virgin Trains is working on its US $ 4 billion route from Orlando to Miami, which would bring the train to a station at OIA's Intermodal Terminal Facility. The project, which began last May and is due to be completed in 2022, is expected to create 10,000 construction jobs over the life of the project and generate US $ 650 million in state, federal and local tax revenue. Construction is expected to take 36 months.

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