How to buy a house in Florida? Everything you need to know

The opportunity for a return on investment has led many foreigners, especially Brazilians, to invest in homes in Florida, mainly Vacations Homes (Holiday Home).

The main reason for this is the opportunity to make a return on investment by renting out these properties.

There are several facilities that many Brazilians don't know about, such as buying a house in the United States which we detail in this post, so you can understand how simple and profitable this process can be.

1 The first point to take into consideration is the purpose of the property you intend to invest in, which can be used as an investment for a Vacation Home, a property for fixed monthly rentals, or simply a property to be rented out. to live in the United States with his family.

This decision has a direct impact on the region where you intend to invest in your property, since there are counties that are designated for Vacation Homes, meaning that you can't just buy a property in any region and rent it out as a vacation home, there are specific areas for this purpose, as well as a Residents' Permit.

It is also worth noting that the public who will be renting this property will usually prefer properties close to theme parks, supermarkets, outlets and convenience items during your stay in FloridaTherefore, location is extremely important if you want to keep your property rented out and get a return on your investment.

How do I manage a property in Florida while living outside the United States?

A frequent question for those who want to invest in a Vacation Home is how the property will be rented out throughout the year, and who will maintain, manage and clean the property.

The answer is simple: there are property management, or "Property Manager"They take care of everything for you.

These companies will be responsible for making your property available on major travel portals around the world, and your home could be available on sites such as Booking, Decolar,, as well as the administrator's own property library.

This way, the more this management company rents out your property, the more it and you will make a profit on your investment.

It is important to have a property management that take quality care of your property and also provide their guests with a safe and comfortable service.

We can help you with your property management, click here and find out how.

Buying a property to live in and/or rent out on a long-term basis

On the other hand, if you want to buy a property to invest in a fixed lease through an annual contract, you can buy it in any region of Florida. But strategically it is important to define who your audience will be (tenants) and how easy it is to rent in each region, so that you always have your property rented. This also has a direct impact on the income you will get from the renting the property. But if your goal is to have a property to live in with your family in Florida, you should only take into account your personal preferences for a certain region and very important factors such as schools for your childrenThat makes all the difference when it comes to decision-making. To help you with this decision, see our post on the characteristics of each region of Orlando.

Buying process

2Once the objective has been defined, the next step is to find out how making the purchase of the property possibleThis is an extremely simple process, which we detail below. The first thing to know, which many people have doubts about, is whether a foreigners can buy property in the United Statesand the answer to this question is YES.

Anyone with a passport and a valid visa, whether it's a tourist visa, a student visa, a work visa, etc. is able to buying property in Floridawith the option of financing up to 75% of the property's value.

Incredibly, even the financing process for a foreigner in the United States can be simpler than financing a property in Brazil, and believe me, with infinitely lower interest rates, between 5-6% per year.

There are some requirements for this process, such as the minimum amount to be financed must be 100,000 dollars and the bank's requirement that the buyer be present in the United States.

Normally, a financing process takes an average of 45 days to complete.

Buying a property outright, without the need for financing, is an even simpler process, and the deal can be concluded within 15 days of the offer being made to the seller, with a number of benefits, such as you can buy directly from Brazildocuments can be signed directly to American Embassy or Consulate.

But keep in mind that for this you will need qualified brokers who can provide everything you need to have the property of your dreams safely.

A very important tip is to bear in mind that there are thousands of brokers in the United States, but an important point to note is whether these brokers have a qualified and focused structure and service when selling to foreignersbecause it is a process that requires greater flexibility and personalized attention, for obvious reasons, such as distance, language, documentation, etc...

The Florida Lounge can advise you safely and calmly on how to have your property in the United StatesWe even have a physical store in Brazil to serve you exclusively.


Proposal time

3 Once you have defined the purpose of the property, the way in which you wish to acquire it and the consultancy or professional who will lead your entire process, the next step is to finally make the proposal for the purchase of the property.

Once you've found the house of your dreams, ask the professional who leads your process to arrange the "Contract to Purchase Real Estate" (Contract for the purchase of real estate).

This document will show the seller the price, term and payment conditions for closing the deal.

At this point it will be necessary to make a good faith deposit of between 1% and 3% on the value of the property to the seller, this will assure the seller that your offer is safe and for real purposes. purchase agreement. Another very important point, especially if you want to buy a second-hand property, is the property inspection (mandatory for financing cases).

This assessment should be carried out by a competent company that will be able to check and assess items such as: soil settlement, drainage, erosion, pests, structural integrity, air conditioning, heating and cooling systems and the condition of the property's electrical and hydraulic structure.


In In conclusion, buying a property in Florida is a process that anyone with a valid passport and visa can carry out.

However, the steps described in this post should be checked carefully so that you can be successful with your investment.

Let us help you with your dream. Contact us now and make a simulation.

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