To choose your property, the first step is to define your objectives.

Do you want a property to live in?
For a vacation?
To rent?
To renovate and sell?

Many people want to own property in the United States to enjoy, others to generate income when they are abroad. And others want a mixture of both.

In the case of investments, it's very important to know the area, analyze the values of neighboring properties, check if it's near a beach, a lake or a tourist area. All this influences the attractiveness of the development. Especially if you're renting to tourists.

The number of rooms also influences this aspect. Houses with open spaces such as balconies and terraces tend to be more sought after.

What is the ideal size for a rental property?

Larger houses tend to be more difficult to rent than smaller ones. However, depending on the layout and architecture, they can be very interesting for families and groups of friends who will share the rent.

There is no recipe for choosing a property. Therefore, our recommendation is that you be advised by good professionals and make your choices based on clear objectives and plenty of market research.

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