The story behind Lake Buena Vista

The story behind Lake Buena Vista

You probably know or have heard of Disney Springs, the former Downtown Disney. What most travelers probably don't know is about the curious history of that area. That is where originally a part of the "city of the future" planned by Walt Disney and also named Epcot was to be.


Before he passed away, Mickey's father and the creator of Disneyland, had a very peculiar project in mind. He had the intention of creating a futuristic park that also foresaw a highly technological city. It would be a place where the company's employees could reside. Over time there were some obstacles that made the Walt Disney Company change its plans and make the region as it is today.


Lake Buena Vista is under the jurisdiction of the Walt Disney Company. The city was named after the street where Walt Disney Studios was located in California. It is now an entertainment center with many attractions, such as resorts and golf courses, as well as the famous shopping center that is visited by many tourists throughout the year.


Epcot: The Experimental City


Epcot is the acronym for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (translation: Experimental Prototype of Tomorrow's Community) and the original sketch does not look much like what was built years later. Walt Disney's idea for the park and the city of Epcot was to create an environment that would allow for experiments to be conducted, which he said would solve the major problems of cities.


In presenting the design of how everything would work, Disney was looking for encouragement from large corporations in developing innovative and technological ideas for the "city of the future" that would be attached to the park. During the process of buying land and mapping out the region, Disney encountered some bureaucratic and legislative challenges. After his death, this project was put aside and invested primarily in the Magic Kingdom and the hotels built around it.


With the first part of Disneyland in operation and being a great success, the Walt Disney Company resumed construction of Epcot park with significant changes to the initial project, including the exclusion of the "city of the future" . At that time, the company was headed by Walt's brother Roy Disney.


Years later, Roy decided to invest in the planned city and create a residential area that integrated Disney World. The new urban plan included four new hotels, a shopping center, a golf course, and some residences between houses and apartments, a small emergency hospital, a post office, and even an exclusive police station for Lake Buena Vista. All the city's architecture would refer to the Disney world.


The idea was to receive between 3,000 and 4,000 residents in the first five years and would be restricted to a maximum number of 15,000.


Lake Buena Vista and Disney Springs


Shortly thereafter, the other Disney brother also passed away before the project could go forward. The Walt Disney Company decided then that it would not bear the burden of managing a town. So it gave the concession of some areas to companies, hoping that they would create a community for their employees or potential customers.


In practice, this did not happen and the project of a residential area ceased to exist. The dream of a Disney City would come true years later with the construction of Celebration. But this city also does not translate the modernist concept that Walt had designed.


The first houses that were built in Lake Buena Vista gave way to the famous Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa. The few houses that were inhabited were gradually left behind. According to the last census, there are currently only 3 residents living in the area.


The city's shopping center gave way to the Downtown Disney - a Disney Springs - and became a center with high tourist and leisure appeal, with great attractions. It was a great bet by the company that worked out well, and it is one of the most frequented places in the greater Orlando area.


What to do in Lake Buena Vista?


Not only are all the theme parks in this region - Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios - but there are also other attractions that can make the whole family happy.


Disney Springs: is a mandatory stop for fans. This mall has a wide variety of stores, restaurants, cafes and stores. Even the world's largest Disney store is located there. It is also possible to attend shows and other outdoor performances. Admission is open to the public.


Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park: is a water park with many attractions for children and another option for those who go in the summer and want to make the most of the Disney experience.


Disney Palm Golf Course: he golf course was completely redesigned in 2013 with a more modern architecture. The course has 18 holes, water obstacles, bunkers, and can be a program for the whole family.


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