Discover Baldwin Park and its charms

Meet Baldwin Park and its charms

Just minutes from downtown Orlando is the charming town of Baldwin Park. It is not on the radar of Brazilians who want to buy a house in Florida, but it has its attractions, starting with an excellent structure for the residents. It is a very pleasant town, with carefully designed streets and standardized houses. It offers good leisure options and a vast commerce that meets the main daily needs.

Baldwin Park had recently made way for the Naval Training Center, and there were even walls to surround the property to ensure the necessary privacy. However, a relocation of the base had to be made. As a result, the Orlando government decided to reuse the land. Among the options was to build a large outlet-style retail complex, an office center, or a suburban neighborhood.

Instead, they chose to build a community that would allow for an outdoor lifestyle, with a modern concept known as "walkable neighborhoods" where one could walk or bike anywhere in the city.

The idea was to work with the New Urbanism style - the same one adopted in the construction of Celebration - bringing a functional perspective to the city. 

This is what it has become today. The city was built on a design that provided for bicycle and pedestrian paths all around. Baldwin Park is not very large and has few inhabitants, but there is no doubt that quality of life is one of the main features that attract residents.


The city is very charming and very reminiscent of the American dream ideal. The architecture is modern, but in a way it allows people to live an old-fashioned lifestyle. You can do everything on foot, without haste, safely, and without large crowds.


Why invest in Baldwin Park?

The region is very pleasant and well structured. The lifestyle of the city is more quiet, and there are no great attractions within the city. The idea is that it is really a more restricted village that cares about the quality of life of its residents. The community is very active and unites so that it is constantly improving. Baldwin Park attracts mainly families with higher purchasing power.


One of the main profiles of those looking for Baldwin Park to live in is families with children, although the public schools do not have very good grades. Still it is an excellent choice, as it is characterized as a more upscale area. There are good private school options. 


The number of elderly people looking to the city to live is also growing, because the city's structure allows them to live more actively and independently. Throughout the city there are spaces for walking. It is possible to get around calmly, avoiding the use of the car.


In addition to the downtown businesses, Baldwin Park also has a medical center, various types of businesses, restaurants, and coffee shops. Major supermarkets are present, as well as reputable pharmacy chains such as CVS and other stores.


Location is also a strength. Baldwin Park is next to Winter Park and about 10 minutes from Orlando International Airport and downtown.The distance to Universal parks is 25 minutes and a little over 40 minutes to Disney attractions.


It offers a good quality of life. It has as a characteristic the predominance of Americans living in the region. For real estate investment, without a doubt it is an excellent option. Although the valuation is not as high as in other newer regions, it is still very satisfactory.


What to do in Baldwin Park?


Because it has a different concept and is very close to downtown Orlando, there are no major attractions in Baldwin Park, which doesn't mean it doesn't have great recreational options. 

In addition to the traditional parks, where picnics are possible, children can play on the playgrounds and admire the view of the lake. There are also many delicious gastronomic options, very well known and for all tastes. During the year there are many theme parties and open air shows for the fun of the whole family.

Best Real Estate Investments

The city of Baldwin Park has many housing options, ranging from apartments to large and spacious single-family homes. This gives the possibility to buy a property at a slightly more affordable price. Although it is a prime area, it is possible to find properties in the same price range as Winter Garden, but not with the same configuration.


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