Ocoee: The New Bet on the Real Estate Market

Ocoee: the new bet on the real estate market

In the region of Orange County in Florida, very close to Orlando, there is a region that is still little known and explored by Brazilians: the city of Ocoee. With good infrastructure, tranquility and great location, the city may surprise those who plan to invest in the Florida real estate market.


Located about 30 minutes from the Orlando theme parks, Ocoee is a very quiet town with good recreational options, good schools, and safety. The town center is on the lake shore and provides space for outdoor family activities. Also, for those who like water sports, it is a great place for rafting. It is also very close to to the city of Winter Garden and allows you to explore its attractions.


Ocoee is one of the new development centers in the state. A new urban planning and revitalization of the city is currently underway, making it increasingly attractive to the community and future investors. The large construction companies in the country, including LENNAR, have realized the potential for growth and have already started to build large projects in the city that will certainly appreciate in value in the coming years.


Ocoee History


The town with the atypical name was founded in 1880 as an agricultural seat and officially recognized by the state of Florida in 1923. The town was named after a river located in Tennessee. Ocoee means "apricot vine" in the Cherokee language - referring to the flower now known as passiflora.


The town was initially established on the shores of Lake Starke and southeast of Lake Apopka. After the Civil War, settlers decided to move to the area, which had the effect of expanding the town's area. Among them was Captain Bluford M. Sims, who was very influential at the time. He was the first to establish citrus groves in the United States, among many other achievements that benefited the community. Most of downtown as it is today is comprised of the land where Sims had his citrus grove.


A major milestone in Ocoee's growth was the construction of the Florida Midland Railroad in the 1950s. Many settlers moved there and invested in planting citrus fruits, which at the time were much more profitable for the northern market. It was one of the main stimuli for the settlement of the town.


Over the years highways also began to come to Ocoee, which stimulated a new market: that of housing developments. State Road 50 (SR 50), Florida's Turnpike provided excellent north-south access. In the late 1990s, the connection between the city and Orlando became even more secure with the construction of SR 408. Urban mobility was a big attraction and made Ocoee gain the attention of the real estate market.


*Source: https://www.ocoee.org/


Why invest in Ocoee?


Although it still lacks large stores and diversity in entertainment options, the city is constantly growing. The potential for appreciation is enormous. The city government, together with the community, has developed major revitalization projects. Among them is the new design for the urban vehicle area, the revitalization of the parks, and an increase in leisure options.


Check out the list with the main reasons to invest in real estate in the city of Ocoee:


  • The developments are new and of excellent quality. The houses are state-of-the-art, with multifunctional floor plans and several configurations.


  • Prices may be a little better than cities like Winter Garden and Kissimmee


  • There are public schools, and some of them are very reputable. There are also private options.


  • It is a great option for those who want a quiet and safe place to raise their children.


  • Close to the parks and the Orlando airport. There is easy access to major highways, which allows it to be a good option for investing in vacation homes.


What to do in Ocoee?


Despite being a relatively small town, there are great leisure options for the whole family:


West Orange cinema: It is a small and charming movie theater in town that provides a unique experience to the viewers.

The charming cinema in the city of Ocoee


Family Aquatic Center: a water park that during the summer can be the salvation of families because it is less crowded than those in Orlando. It has several entertainment options and a special pool for children who cannot swim. They also offer swimming lessons.


Forest Lake Club: is a golf club with one of the most affordable prices in the region. Great for those who want to start a new hobby.


Bill Breeze Park: a perfect park for those who like to hike by the lake, have space for picnics or just sit and relax with a good book.


Ocoee's Best Real Estate Investment


Ocoee has been slowly conquering space among the most sought-after cities to live near Orlando. Currently, the development with one of the best infrastructures and possibility of appreciation is Arden Park North, from the LENNAR construction company.


It is built around Lake Sims and has options of residences overlooking it. The club house is new and opened this year 2020 with a full gym and swimming pool. There is also a special picnic area and playground for the children. In addition the location is excellent and it is very close to the main highways.


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