To make the most of your trip to the Disney parks, plan your trip for the days with the lowest crowds. Check out the Disney Orlando parks' 2024 capacity calendar below, with a forecast of how the parks will be each day of the year.


Heaviest crowds = heaviest crowds

Heavy crowds = heavy crowds

Moderate crowds = moderate crowds

Light crowds

Lightest crowds = lightest crowds

Dates in red and orange:

The dates in red and orange correspond to the high season and festive days such as Christmas and New Year's at Disney. Park crowds tend to increase in March, due to the vacation week for schools and universities in the United States, and in November, due to the Thanksgiving celebrations.

Dates in yellow:

The dates in yellow correspond to days when there is a moderate flow of people in the parks. Therefore, there may be queues at the rides, but nothing that will take too long. The moderate flow usually occurs before and after the high season dates.

Dates in green (light and dark):

The dates in green represent the best days to visit the Disney parks. So consider planning your trip for the days in green if you have dates available.

Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season is the official hurricane season in Florida and takes place from June 1st to November 30th, just like in the rest of the country. The peak months of the hurricane season usually run from August to October, with most storm activity occurring during these months. Typically, accommodation and ticket prices decrease and stores go on sale. Even though Florida has a structure in place to deal with hurricanes, if there is one during your trip, you and your family will have to stay in the hotel or rented house until the hurricane passes.

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