Dfter the business of the century, manufacturing is bent on creating value for itself and its customers, with a sharp focus on what comes next.

These three words together today establish an almost mystical barrier of expectations for billions of people exchanging value, value online and in the real world of commerce. Action, reaction, transaction. What if consumers could click "add to cart" to buy their next home?


We're not there yet," says Stuart Miller, CEO from Miami-based Lennar Corp. who spent the last 21 years as the company's CEO before moving into this newly created leadership position in April. A path there, as seen in the diagram itself designed by Miller, includes a step-by-step detailing of the key moments in a customer's decision chain and purchasing explorations, from buying a wedding dress, for example. It starts with a milestone in the consumer's life and progresses from there.

"If we can identify that moment of engagement and start a dialogue based on how to educate a customer, about what they need, and turn it into an exchange; where we learn more and more about our customer so we can customize an offer for them, soon and we'll get to the point where we're there," Miller says. "We'll be able to send them a digital envelope that allows them to see an all-inclusive version from their own home, and that eliminates all the parts of the buying process that have no value to them or a pain point to them . "

This experience , seemingly light years from today's home buying experience makes Miller and the Lennar leadership team happy (including Rick Beckwitt as CEO and Jon Jaffe as president) put today's operational performance and tomorrow's innovation preparations at an equally critical priority point as the other.

 Lennar's intelligence can remake its business model from the simplicity of a digital purchase moment, where a buyer clicks "add to cart," the model can begin to resemble the logic and elegance of an Amazon. That's where the logistics, complexity, physical movement, workflows and time itself disappear, leaving only a buyer ready, willing and able to purchase the home he or she desires.

"We became a pure play builder, when we separated our real estate businesses, all we want to do is assist our core home building operations and removed all the expenses in our process that don't provide value to our consumer" Miller says. "That's what we mean when we talk about building a better mousetrap. Our business at this point becomes more about the value we create, that we can control and keep track of, and less about areas that don't impact. "

The quest for a faster path, the instant shopping cart, an iconic shift that puts the consumer at the top of the buyer-seller value chain , explains why Lennar's Miami headquarters pulsates like a technology central nervous system. One floor of the space would be hard pressed to distinguish any Silicon Valley Web product development center or one on Wall Street. Flat-screen monitors track color-coded performance indicator and measure real-time data submitted by the company's 38 residential construction divisions across the country.

This business model-altering moment of truth, the "aha" for a home buyer, speaks volumes about what Lennar is and what it aims to be as any achievement from its leadership team. That includes the $$ 9.3 billion shockwave that Lennar sent the industry on October 30, when it announced its plan to merge CalAtlantic, homebuilder No. 5, into Lennar. The deal, which closed on February 12, makes Lennar the #1 builder in the USAaccording to gross revenue.

BUILDER honors Lennar's strategic and operational associate team as Builder of the Year 2018, for much more than what they have accomplished in the last 12 to 18 months, pooling resources, talents, and land as one of America's greatest builders .

According to Forbes, Orlando the city was chosen number 1 in the United States for real estate investment in 2018.

Learn how to buy a home in Florida

Everything you need to know to make the right decision!

According to Forbes, Orlando the city was chosen number 1 in the United States for real estate investment in 2018.

Learn how to buy a home in Florida

Everything you need to know to make the right decision!

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