Two of the most popular visas for immigration to the United States are the L1 and the E2.

L1 - Executive Transferred.

The L1 is granted to individuals who have been transferred by their companies, as the person responsible for operating a subsidiary in the USA. The Brazilian company must provide proof of turnover, payroll, history, etc. While the executive is in the United States, the Brazilian company must continue to operate and generate profits as normal. The L1 needs to be renewed regularly and, after a certain time, with the American company also generating jobs and financial results, the Green Card can be applied for.

Do you have dual citizenship? The E2 could be your visa.

The E2 is an investor visa granted to citizens of certain countries that are part of the US Trade Treaty. Brazil is not part of this agreement, but if you have Italian, German or other citizenship (to be consulted), you can apply for the E2 to invest in a company in the United States.

The investor, spouse and children under 21, even if they don't have dual citizenship, also benefit. The visa can be renewed for periods of up to 5 years, but the big disadvantage is that it does not entitle you to apply for a Green Card.

As we always recommend, consult an immigration lawyer before choosing your path.

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